5 Effective Note Taking Methods for MPPSC Aspirants

By Unique IAS
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MPPSC exams are quite different from any other types of exams. A student's grade in the same can depend on note taking skills. Students are always searching for the best note taking technique that will fit their style. As the best MPPSC institute in Bhopal, we have discussed some of the most useful note taking methods that can be extremely useful for the MPPSC aspirants. Let us have a look at them in brief:

The Cornell Method

The Cornell method is probably the best note taking method that can be used by students for their MPPSC preparation. With the help of this method, students can take notes in a way that will allow them to remember all important information. As per this method, students will be able to write their notes in short bullet point format.

The Unbroken Line Method

This note taking technique is an excellent way for students to remember the key information provided by the professor during their MPPSC interview preparation. It also gives them an idea about what other students are writing down for the examination preparation. So, you can see that MPPSC exam papers really become easier with these notes.

The Bullet Points Method

According to this method, students should first fill a sheet of paper with three columns. In the first column of the sheet, they should write down the name of the topic. In the second column, they should write down the points that are important to remember from the topic. In the third column, they should take notes as per their requirement.

Final Words

As the top MPPSC institute in Bhopal, we would like to let you know that there are many different note taking methods for students, and it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. Some people like to use The Bullet Points Method, while others may prefer to take notes using The Unbroken Line Method. Figuring out which one of these methods is best for you will help you keep up with your studies and stay on.

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