EPS Interiors in Chennai Guide to Decorate your wall

EPS interiors chennai guide you step by step process to decorate your interior walls

Creative painting techniques on your walls bring you astonishing effects for your interiors. Think before you start, because we would have used some old painting techniques in earlier times. The advancement of painting techniques are evolving day by day. 

In the last 2 decades, after the technology evolution the painting techniques have grown immensely. 

Wall Decoration
Wall Decoration

Painting the whole wall with simple single colors is gone. Interior designers are changing these concepts with psychology and color emotions.

Here are the following ideas you can use for your home interiors.


 The most classic painting technique is harlequin, home owners have used this technique for more than a century. But still this painting technique is used across the world. 

Harlequin with a light color brings you harmony and peace of mind. This color majorly suits the bedroom and kitchen. The contrast color gives you a comfortable look and gives you a vibrant feel. 

Color combination for Harlequin are:

  • Aqua
  • Baby Blue
  • Blue Green
  • Crimson
  • Fuchsia
  • Hot Pink
  • Peach
  • Midnight blue
  • Lime Green

Hire EPS Industries the best interior in chennai to get more color combo scheme. 

Harlequin might look like a classic concept, but the recent light color combinations are very sophisticated to live.


False Ceiling wall Decoration
False Ceiling wall Decoration

Creators never die, the new concepts evolve day by day. The wall painting techniques are becoming handy with smart brushing tools and advanced painting equipment. 

Generally we recommend our customers to use latex paints or acrylic craft paints. Stencil paints are usually different from normal wall paints. The designs must withstand for many years without any fade, so they use advanced polymer paints. 

Here are the types of stencils concepts

  • Craft
  • Mandala
  • Wallpaper Type
  • Decor Type
  • Geometric Type
  • Ethnic Stencils
  • Nature Inspired Stencils
  • Mix and Match
  • Theme based stencils design.

Color Washing Wall Painting:

Color wash paintings are easy to apply and decorate. But we must have a deep look in the primary color and secondary color. The color combinations are very important, if missed the whole concept will look different and sometimes ugly. 

This technique is growing very fast among younger generation people. Color washed technique must be done with care, we must use vibrant colors rather than using neutral color combinations. 

Agate Wall Decoration
Agate Wall Decoration

The color washing process might look simple but can be executed only by an experienced person. Usually painters use a brush to do the color washing process. The painter must take care of the sponge and its softness very well. 

Here are some of the types of color washing methods

  • Watercolor wash
  • Wash puddle
  • Flat Color wash
  • Variegated wash
  • Graded Wash
  • Wet on Dry and Wet Flat wash
  • Wet on Dry Flat wash methods and
  • Wet on wet flat wash methods.

Light color combinations are majorly loved by homeowners. So rather than using dark colors, as interior designers in chennai we suggest home owners use light and neutral colors.

Rag Rolling:

The name says it all, rag rolling is a painting technique where we must use a cloth and rag up on the wall which adds textures. 

Rhythmic Linear pattern is very important where we must work with diversified techniques. Rag rolling can be done with a cloth and with a roller brush. 

It’s really hard for the painter to bring the pattern to the corner, he must work precisely to bring the continuity. 

Rag rolling effects were popular from the 70’s, still people are using these concepts. Here are some of the advanced rag rolling effects

  • Stipple
  • Wallpaper
  • Metallic Paint
  • Marble Effect
  • Feather Duster
  • Woolie
  • Paint Effect
  • Faux Finishes

Rag Rolling needs experts to handle it. So we must hire an experienced person to do rag rolling ideas for your home interiors. 

Metallic Painting:

If you need stunning wall paint, then without metallic paint it is not possible. Metallic painting concepts are mostly welcomed by the younger generation or millennial people. 

Who are very much attached with technological equipment, these people show tremendous interest for metallic paints and they welcome this a lot.

Here are a few color lists for metallic paint for walls.

  • Modern Metallic silver
  • Rust-Oleum 
  • Modern Masters matte metallic
  • RustOleum metallic accent
  • Molten Metallics
  • Lumiere Metallic

Metallic paints are slightly costlier than normal polymer paints. So make sure to hire a perfect painter who has extraordinary knowledge in color schemes. Never overuse the paint or waste it.


Strie is a Negative Glaze Technique, usually this technique is used in the textile industry but in recent years painters use this concept for better wall painting output.

This name is derived from a french word which means streaking. The technique might look simple but the painter needs lots of practice to bring a perfect precision. 

The painting technique is to create Horizontal and Vertical Lines, something like a linen cloth.


Wall painting itself is a major subject in interior designing. We will write about wall painting in upcoming blogs. Apart from the above types, painters use the Checkerboard concept, Sponging, Polka Dots, Stripes and so on.

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