UPSC Coaching in Bhopal: Four Months to Pass the UPSC Exam, From Start to Finish

UPSC Coaching in Bhopal

By Unique IAS
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So you have decided to prepare for the Civil Services Examination. That's great. But do you know how to approach your preparation? Many people I meet tell me they want to prepare but aren't sure how to go about it. They are overwhelmed at the sheer amount of information available and don't know where or how to start their preparations. So here is a step by step guide on how one should go about preparing for this mammoth exam:

1)  Get yourself an outline of all the topics that are required for the examination and bookmark them in your web browser so that every time you sit down at your computer, these are accessible with just two clicks. This goes without saying. Also, bookmark the UPSC website and keep checking for any change in the syllabus.

2)  From your outline, create a mind map of all topics covered by the syllabus and further break them down into sub-topics. By this I mean you should read through all the topics and then decide which heads will be relevant to each topic. Sometimes you might need to combine two or more topics together.

3)  There are certain subjects that have been fixed on the basis of the Seniority Allocation Scheme (SAS): English, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. As such, there is no preparation possible without a proper understanding of these subjects. If you are weak in any of these subjects, get yourself enrolled for a top UPSC coaching in Bhopal.

4)    The next step is to get hold of the UPSC syllabus. There are multiple sources for this. First and perhaps best, go to the UPSC website ( and download a copy of the Preparation Manual released by them. This is very detailed, well-written, and helpful but not exhaustive in its coverage of topics or questions asked in the previous years' exams.

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