5 Essential Tips to Get the Best UPSC Interview Preparation Done

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Oct 19, 2023 - 2 Minutes

If you are preparing for your UPSC interview, then you must be aware of the importance of getting it right. The interview is one of the most critical stages in the entire process and can make or break your chances at success. Therefore, it’s essential that you prepare well in order to ace this crucial stage. Here are five essential tips to help get your UPSC interview preparation done properly:

1) Research thoroughly - Before appearing for a UPSC Interview, research extensively about you and also about topics related to current affairs or any other subject relevant to the civil services examination syllabus. This will not only give a better understanding of various issues but also help build up confidence during interviews as well as answer questions confidently with facts & figures.

2) Develop good communication skills – Good communication skills play a major role when it comes to acing a UPSC Interview round since they enable candidates to express their ideas effectively without any difficulty and thereby increase their chances at success significantly. Thus, work on improving them by reading newspapers regularly, participating in debates & discussions, etc so that one can communicate his/her thoughts clearly during interviews.

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3) Practice Mock Tests - Practicing mock tests helps familiarize one with different types of questions that may come up during actual exams thus enabling him/ her to gain more confidence while facing actual examiners. Also, practice answering common questions asked by panelists such as ‘Tell us something about you?’ so that there isn't much confusion when faced with similar queries from examiners later on.

4) Be confident – Confidence plays a very important role while attending interviews because if one appears nervous or unsure then he/she might end up giving wrong answers even though he/she knows the correct ones due to lack thereof resulting in disastrous results ultimately! Thus ensure confident while answering all kinds of queries posed by panel members regardless of whether they seem easy or difficult initially.

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5) Stay updated - Staying updated regarding the latest happenings around the world ensures having enough knowledge base which would be beneficial both before & after attending UPSC Interview rounds because these days many times questionnaires have been designed based upon recent events happening globally thus making sure candidate has sufficient information beforehand would certainly increase chances succeeding greatly!

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