Esport vs sport: who will be put K.O?

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Hello people that boom!

Yes, you have read the title of this article “don't worry”? My brain made a stop on image and I thought why not lay this almost irregular title which is a nod to one of the most used terms in combat sports but also in combat video games or any other game that asks “knockout” an opponent.

As a confirmed geek I have always wondered why this inevitable “versus” between traditional sport and e-sport. Looks like a loop clash similar to that of Ryu vs Ken (street fighters).

What I'm about to do is as usual a freestyle from my little experience on the subject. Am I not fit to write a 1000 page book that I can't read myself? . On the other hand I will only “blablate” a little on the subject depending on what I have read, seen or heard. But before the golden rule still advocates a small expedition in the past of opponents on the boxing ring. So what do we start with? Traditional sport or e-sport? To prevent the fight from happening before the “ready! Go! So let's try to make a simultaneous shipment.

Better know the weakness of your opponent?

traditional sport or sport all short?

Without, however, entering into the major theories that have been confronted regarding the definition of sport, it seems relevant to note that Sport in general is a universal, timeless and diverse culture. If you need to deepen the concept, just one word to our google friend and you will have all the information you need.

Moreover, from what I understood in a commonplace way during my quick readings, sport is above all a physical activity that can be individual or collective and have a different representation. By different representation I speak of all types of sport well known by mankind (tennis, football, swimming, athletics etc...). However, in view of the definition of “traditional” sport, one wonders at what point the term e-sport came on the world stage and what does it consist of?

E-sport = “Electronics” + sport or else?

i want to give my own definition of this word which seems complex yet is just as simple. But well am I a self-proclaimed scholar maybe who knows ahah. In any case when you do a tour on the net it is said that I quote” Electronic sport (in English : esport or e-sport, even eSport , for “ electronic sport ”) refers to the practice on the internet or in LAN-party a video game alone or as a team, through a computer or video game console. ”

So if I understand e-sport is a competition of video games where several protagonists can compete during a game that is done by network thanks to computers or game consoles. tell a little about that.

Now that we know a little what sport and e-sport is I wonder why these protagonists are always ready to give themselves “uppercut” in a boxing ring. but already from what I remember from the two concepts is that there are points of similarity but is it enough to calm the storm?

E-sport: Alter ego of Classic Sport?

Beyond the “punchline” between the different opponents it is very curious to note that e-sport and sport have a lot in common for example:

  1. l’esprit d’équipe et la compétition.
  2. les joueurs de e-sport sont tout autant des stars au même titre que les sportifs classique.
  3. Si seulement vous pouviez savoir à quel point les marques bataillent pour être sponsor de tel ou tel « e-sportif’.
  4. le E-sport fait vibrer autant ses fans que le sport ( En 2017, la finale des championnats du monde du jeu League of Legends se déroulait dans le célèbre stade Nid d’oiseau de Pékin. Mieux, les 40.000 places disponibles, allant de 35€ à 1700€ se sont arrachées en seulement quelques minutes. Les enjeux économiques sont alors de plus en plus conséquents…) infos pris sur conseilsport

These are so many things that make e-sport and sport the children of the same family. (laugh). However, who said that two drivers of the same car brands could not be rivals?

Is the battle so devastating?

After praising the points of convergence between e-sport and sport, here is the time of hostilities.

it would seem that the e-sport brings are lot of disadvantage (I do not go all the details here but take a tour at google he knows everything ^_^) as for example the fact that one is taping in front of a screen does not really encourage physical activity. And yes even if motor skills are very demanded at the level of hands it is not enough to spend well some calories as we say at us” it is necessary to sink sweat otherwise you did nothing ahah).

With e-sport or without?

I want to give you my point of view that is already detectable in my previous remarks but I prefer to share with you a small “thread that I had with an acquaintance on twitter

  • lui : L’e-sport est un sport à part entière, il fait appel à la dextérité, nécessite de stimuler les réflexes, demande de l’entraînement, etc. J’estime que c’est un débat dont tout le monde connaît l’issue, bien que certains refusent de l’admettre.
  • moi : Et tu penses que l’issue c’est quoi?? Dans tous les cas il y a toujours ce problème de réel motricité et réel effort physique qui est mis en jeu lorsqu’on parle de sport et e-sport .
  • Lui : L’issue c’est que l’e-sport est un sport. Il faut tout un argumentaire pour montrer que c’est un sport (un peu long pour l’exposer ici). Si le billard est considéré comme un sport, pourquoi pas l’e-sport ?
  • moi: Je sais qu’il faut un argumentaire . Mais dans l’esprit de ceux du « vieux monde » ça ne passe pas. ce sont nous de la Nouvelle technologie qui pensons que ça l’est comme je disais c’est l’ultime guerre dans le seigneur des anneaux les deux tours.
  • lui : Les gens qui disent que l’E-sport n’est pas un sport ne connaissent même pas souvent la définition de sport et d’activité sportive. Beaucoup pense seulement que tout ce qui fait « couler beaucoup de sueur » est un sport…. Hélas.
  • Moi : Mais normalement c’est le principe du sport , l’activité physique qui fait couler la sueur.
  • lui : Le billard fait couler la sueur plus que le football ou le basket? Mais c’est reconnu comme un sport. On doit se baser sur une définition rigoureuse de ce qu’on appelle sport, se baser sur les disciplines sportives existantes et trancher.

So the main thing was told me in my humble opinion I think the battle will change its goal. Nowadays we have to ask ourselves more whether e-sport will be integrated in the next OJ.O in the same way as other activities. We must admit, in addition to being an economic lever that is gaining momentum, it also has a very strong multicultural aspect and this is as many elements that some have already understood from or their avant-garde behavior on the subject.

And since I cannot finish my argument without question, I would like to know what the place of e-sport will be in Africa in the years to come.

see you soon ^_^

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