Vision 4 report on J. Rémy Ngono

By Ecclésiaste DEUDJUI
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Dans le reportage de Vision 4, J. Rémy Ngono a été comparé à un homme des cavernes. Capture: YouTube /CC
Dans le reportage de Vision 4, J. Rémy Ngono a été comparé à un homme des cavernes. Capture: YouTube /CC


You have was surprised like me this Monday, April 19, looking at the 8pm newspaper on Mink 4. It's not a newspaper I used to look at, even if I like well its presenter Jean-Jacques Zé. But the information circulated on social networks like what this media would have done strong, by broadcasting a report exclusively devoted to the personality of J. Rémy Ngono.

I have looked at the document in question on Facebook. And then I downloaded it on YouTube. Not without laughing well after the first watch, because what we got called an “investigation” was actually merely an operation of humiliation. I would like to tell you that J. Rémy Ngono is renowned for his positions radicals against the regime of Yaoundé, which regime us cornaque blindly since November 6, 1982. And I also tell you that Nsam's television is a pro-Biyaist television, which supports institutions in place and who is ready to do anything to defend them mordicus.
Apart from that, Rémy Ngono is also renowned for his vitriol attacks during his direct Facebook weekly, videos in which he named some political figures, he makes disturbing revelations about the barons of our country, and regularly invective some businessmen such as... Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga.

On the journalistic plan, this report is abject. Besides, it is not a question of journalistic work. The proof, its author (Raoul Christophe Bia) was congratulated by his hierarchy, and the next day he was downright promoted to the rank of Grand reporter. Yet its production was presumably a soiling sponsored, a settlement of accounts, a vile low-floor quarrel that unfortunately Vision 4 had already proposed us at the time of Vincent Sosthenes Fouda.



Is it normal use of terms like “cave man” when Do a report about a compatriot? Is it professional to make fun from his family home or his facies? Is it ethical to interview individuals (who were probably drunk) who pretend to be close to the expatriate journalist, and to retain only the passages where they misspeak of the individual in question? What is this report where all the speakers do not have a name, but where they are all uncles and aunts?

In short, from very low level! It can be understood that the boss of the Anecdote group feels offended and even attacked by Remy Ngono's repetitive remarks, but this type of video is not the right solution at all. A media of this rank should not be used to resolve interpersonal conflicts. In the doing, it's a big advertisement you give to the person who has attacked your TV. You lower the journalistic level of your journalists. You discredit your audiovisual media with the big public.
And then, when you are challenged on the merits, you must also answer on the background. The insults about the physical and old of a small village named Efigmimbang, are proof that you are indisputably short of arguments.


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