How to Write a DAAD Letter of Motivation - ngengepgs

By Ngenge Ransom Tanyu
2 Minutes

– If possible, name a person from your home country as a mentor, preferably with industry contacts, or ideally a mentor who works for your current or prospective employer.

• (Only for applicants for a doctoral scholarship:)
– Give a short outline of your research proposal and planned work during your doctoral

project. Why have you chosen this specific university and supervisor?
– If possible, name a person from your home country as a mentor or co-supervisor,

preferably with industry contacts, and/or a mentor of who works for your current or prospective employer, if applicable.

•? With which company, or type of company or institution, do you imagine doing your 6-month internship?

– Typically, the internship should be arranged with (water sector related)

  • component manufacturers
  • engineering companies/consultants
  • associations
  • utilities
  • plant/ system manufacturers
  • construction companies
  • chemical industry
  • authorities of the federation or federal states
  • municipalities
  • water authorities
  • corporations under public law concerned with water management and regulation of resources but you are, of course, free to suggest other suitable fields, such as “process and operational management in the water sector”.

• If possible, name a contact partner in the German water sector as prospective internship provider.

4. Make sure your letter of motivation is well composed. First reflect on all the above questions, take notes, read more, discuss with friends. Then write an outline. Then write the text.

5. Apply an appropriate style of writing:
– Avoid all kind of platitudes, flowery phrases and flattery.
– Deal with your topics in a reflective and factual way. Do not campaign for your beliefs.

6. Proofread the text and delete all dispensable and redundant parts. At the end, your letter of motivation should comprise not more than two pages.

Motivation Letter