Stingy Men Association Of Cameroon, SMAC


By K Benita Blog
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SMAC Task Force

You know, I love my country Cameroon. Yes, it may be difficult to live in a country where most people turn to see the ugly side at all times. But we always find a way to get relief.

In the midst of all the troubles we face, we thank the Entertainment Industry especially the comic sector for giving us something to laugh about and relax.

So there's been this trend on social media, Stingy Men Association. Wherever it came from I don't know.

However, Cameroonians decided to follow the trend.

They  decided not to give allowance or money to a lady. And even if they do, there is a price range.

What is however funny is, they drew their motivation from the Bible????? Shocking right.... Proverbs 31:3

Don't spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed kings.

Bible Quotation

Yes there it is, and so the Stingy Men Association of Cameroon (SMAC) was equally created. 

Registration Of SMAC
Registration Of SMAC

Ohhhh!!!! Mind you, they have a maxim.... 


Member SMAC
Member SMAC

Of course, with an association as such, many people joined. Those who have the means and don't want to give, and those who don't even have the money.

Testimony from a member
Testimony from a member
Member of the association.
Member of the association.

As several people joined the Association, there was a worry???????????

  1.  Who will ensure the members abide by the rules?

Ahhh!!! The birth of the Stingy Men Of Cameroon Task Force (SMAC Task Force).

Their duty is to whip the generosity out of any man seen giving money to a lady which doesn't fall within the rules and regulations put in place. 

Truly amazing right..... That's the trend right now on social media. 

Rumours however have it that the women have come up with the Stingy Women Association. Well my work will be to observe how the game goes on in both camps.


I Love my country Cameroon.