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Oscars Awards: The Fisherman's Diary Officially Selected

After about 41 years, the Cameroon Film Industry is on the spotlight once again.

The movie,"The Fisherman's Diary" is on the official selection to participate at the 93rd edition of the prestigious OSCARS AWARDS.

This selection comes at a point in time where all hands are on deck to push the Cameroon Entertainment Industry further.

  1. The movie was selected to participate under the category, Best International Feature Film.
The Fisherman
The Fisherman's Diary, Official Selection

Above is  the link to access the list of submission's for this year's edition.

  1. The Oscars awards has been scheduled for the April 25,2020.

The Fisherman's Diary

The Fisherman's Diary is a 1hr43minutes film directed by Enah Johnscot and produced by Kang Quintus.

  1. The movie is written in Cameroonian Pidgin English, which can be understood by all.
  2. This movie is inspired by the youngest noble prize winner Malala Yousafzai and centers on a 12year old Ekah (Faith Fidel) 
  3. Determined to go to school in a village of fishermen where girl child education is a taboo, she strives to break this old tradition which has ruined the lives of many girl children.
Official Poster, The Fisherman' width=2816 height=3851 />
Official Poster, The Fisherman's diary
Cameroon Film Industry On The Fisherman
Cameroon Film Industry On The Fisherman's Diary's Official Selection.

The Fisherman's Diary Nominations

  • The Fisherman's Diary since its release in 2020 has had more than 20 nominations
  • It has equally won more than 20 awards in Cameroon and at the international level (Best actress, Best producer, Best director)etc.

With this new official selection for the OSCARS AWARDS come April 2021, it is the hope of many Cameroonians that the movie goes through to the final stage and the trophy brought back home.