Jesus, come back. They went crazy!!!!!

Small curiosites of the government's decision to pay tariffs digitally on telephones in Cameroon.

By Heyndricks N. Bile
4 Minutes
The Scream - Edvard Munch
The Scream - Edvard Munch

How do I call it? A legal conspiracy with a technological focus? A technological imposture with legal varnish? Whatever. The “trick” comes into effect on October 15, 2020. With the force of law. To prepare us for sodomy, a genius named Paul Zambo came to lubricate our consciences on the set of “Press Scenes” last Sunday. Did you miss the show? Don't worry. You are told what the state agent did not say about the payment of customs duties and taxes digitally on telephones and other terminals.

Hang on.

In Cameroon, from October 15, therefore:

The price of telephones (not duty-cleared) will have to fall by 33%.

The scoop was delivered at the seventh minute of the show. A real Christmas gift... before Christmas. Let's rewind and listen to Paul Zambo: “If the importer does not clear, if your phone cost 100,000 francs for example, he should sell it to you at 67.000 fcfa without taxes. The law says he must tell you that the phone is cleared or not.” A price drop (excluding balance periods) supported by traders who scrupulously comply with the law and fail to blur the customer. Who believed him? When you are told that Cameroon is changing...

Phones no longer lose value

At the thirteenth minute of the show, the innocent Lucrèce Mebenga tries to understand why the user must, in 2020, pay 33% of the cost of a factory phone in 2015. As if the phone had not lost its value over the years. Answer from the awesome “Popol”: “A phone is never outdated while it is in work (...) If it works, it's a valid phone”. Eureka! Cars lose value over the months. Clothes crumble on the razor of time. Men lose manhood by getting older. But, phones have a constant, eternal value. As long as they work.

You understood: “Choronko” does not exist. Your iPhone released from the factory in 2007 (and not cleared) is not a “Choronko”. You can, if you want, resell it cheaper than in 2007. The buyer of November 2020 will still have to pay taxes calculated on the “Out of Factory” price of... 2007. Don't forget to say (Thank you) to Paul.

Donations are paid

Before Paul, the gift was a relief. After Paul, the gift is a charge. Now, when you offer a state-of-the-art smartphone, to make your “donation” truly a gift, consider adding Popol's tax. You can guess well: the student cousin of Soa to whom you are giving a Samsung Galaxy Fold (uncleared) will be very painfully able to pay 33% of 1 million 350 thousand CFA francs in cash or in a phased manner. Unless...

Thieves, Recelers... The state accepts all

In an imperfect world, it happens to buy or use a stolen phone without knowing it. This is the deplorable reality (but common, before our eyes) of the conceal. Imagine that the quarreled phone is uncleared. Upon ignition, according to this brave Paul Zambo, you will receive a message indicating the status of the phone and inviting you to subscribe to a payment method. In plain terms, the state will cheerfully accept money from an outlaw for regular use of an object of conceal. Astafourlaye!

So the Emperor Vespasian was not wrong. He who, at the time of justifying the introduction of a tax on urine in Rome in the year 70 AD, had split with the sententious sentence: “Pecunia Non Olet (Money has no smell)”.

The chicken and the egg... or the headache of travelers

What is the subject of taxes? Expert response: your hardware traceable by its IMEI number. In short: your phone, tablet and/or modem that connect to the local network. Remember: the tax is calculated on the output value of... your phone, tablet and/or modem. Not about connecting to the local network. Are you following?

When visitors arrive at the bled with a roaming phone, they are exempt from customs fees. Explanation: Hardware is not connected to the local network. We close our eyes to its “Out of Factory” value. When the same visitors connect to the local Internet network with a modem brought back from abroad (together with their high-end smartphone), they are required to pay the calculated tax on the “Out of Factory” value of the... modem. Explanation: The hardware is connected to the local network. I ask the question: What is the subject of taxes?

If you find answer to this question and it is intelligible...

Paul Zambo
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