World's First Global Financial Service Provider Launches First-ever Crowdfunding Campaign

Described as the world’s first global mobile payment solution, ZuumPay has now launched its first-ever crowdfunding campaign barely less than 2 years after its launch.

Ngwa Emmanuel
Sep 19, 2020 - 2 Minutes

The global financial service provider, ZuumPay, has launched its first global crowdfunding campaign that is scheduled to start on September 21, 2020. Through this campaign, the Cameroon-based financial services company aims to reach out to the global community to invest in the development and completion of its cross-border, peer-to-peer mobile payment, and financial services.

According to Ndamo Israel, Founder of ZuumPay, this global reward-based crowdfunding will raise funds for the completion, restructuring, and sophomore launch of the ZuumPay Global Mobile Peer-to-Peer Payment Solution on its official platform

“Having previously garnered massive success and recognition during last year's September 17, 2019 maiden launch of the ZuumPay App on iOS and Android with a global community of 7,200+ members and 1,200+ downloads on Play Store within the first week of launch, ZuumPay is looking towards mobilizing global financial support from its community by ensuring that the company's benefits and returns are not limited to a selected few, ”Ndamo said.

Ndamo Israel, Founder of ZuumPay
Ndamo Israel, Founder of ZuumPay

The launch of ZuumPay's global crowdfunding campaign comes less than two years after the global financial service company launched in August last year .

Investing in ZuumPay

With only a few days to the launch, ZuumPay encourages individuals with a passion for transforming the digital landscape in Africa to invest in its revolutionary platform. 

A lucrative package of becoming an investor and taking a lifetime opportunity of a 500% ROI (return on investment) from as little as $ 110 initial principal investment awaits any investor. In other words, with ZuumPay's revenue model, investors are guaranteed a sum of $ 550 returns over a period of less than 3 years with an initial minimum investment of $ 110.

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With a unique vision “to open Africa to global financial opportunities by creating a decentralized cross-border peer-to-peer mobile payment and financial service that will allow Africans transact with one another from anywhere in a matter of seconds,” Ndamo Israel has mobilized a competent team of engineers and administrative staff from the United States and across Africa to realize this vision. 

The launch of ZuumPay will see the financial services application go operational across 50 countries with main offices in the US, South Africa, London, Nigeria, France, and Dubai with its headquarters in Cameroon.

About the global financial service, ZuumPay

ZuumPay offers a decentralized cross-border peer-to-peer mobile payment and financial service that will allow Africans to transact with one another from anywhere in a matter of seconds with their mobile phone.  

Unlike mobile money services offered by mobile operators, regardless ZuumPay works anywhere of the mobile operator, bank account, or country. This makes it the world's first global mobile payment solution.

Are you ready to join the ZuumPay community? Sign up here and become an investor today.  

For more information, contact ZuumPay on:


Tel / WhatsApp: +237 678-430-608 OR +1 (240) 906-2914

Address: First Trust Building, Soppo Buea, SWR Cameroon.

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