All An Applicant Must Learn About MRCPSYCH Test

MRCPSYCH or Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists is a post-nominal qualification. It is awarded to the physicians that have successfully done with the recommended training requirements and membership tests made compulsory by RCP.

MRCPSYCH is being awarded once done with core psychiatry training and successful completion of tests. A further 3 years within psychiatry and a certificate of completion of specialist training are needed to enroll as a psychiatrist on the GMC specialist register. The test in the past gone times had undergone essential change, notably in terms of focus and arrangement.

Examination content and format-

MRCPSYCH exam comprises 2 written papers that are Paper A and Paper B and one CASC. Usually, UK psychiatrists would sit MRCPSYCH Paper A from FY2. Aspirants will progress through the MRCPSY test from CT1-CT3 before going on to the special training for CCT.

Paper A- (3 hours)

Scientific and Theoretical basis of psychiatry

It is a written test that is worth 150 marks and this test comprises 150 questions that are made of 2/3rd of MCQs and 1/3rd EMI. It encloses the following section of the curriculum.

1-     Clinical psychopharmacology

2-     Behavioural science and socio-cultural psychiatry

3-     Human development

4-     Classification and assessment in psychiatry

5-     Basic Neurosciences

Now Paper A can be undertaken online.

Paper B- (3 Hours)

Critical review and the clinical topics in psychiatry

This test values 150 marks and it comprises 150 questions, 1/3rd is a critical review and 2/3rd of clinical topics. The test covers the following curriculum-

1-       Critical review

2-       Organization and delivery

3-       General adult

4-       Learning disability

5-       Old age

6-       Forensic

7-       Psychotherapy

8-       Substance misuse

9-       Child and adolescent

Paper B can be now taken online by the candidates.


Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies is based upon the format that is alike OSCEs. The test consists of two circuits that need to be done on the same day. In total, the circuit includes 16 stations, comprises of the following:

1-       5 stations on examination which includes the mental and physical state

2-       5 stations on history taking which includes assessment of the risk

3-       6 stations on the patient management

Stations comprise several elements with the instructions provided to all the candidates, marked in opposition to the examiner's construct. This can be also taken online.

Criteria for abroad doctors-

MRCPSYCH exam can be taken by Non-Eu doctors working abroad and doctors from Eu who work overseas.

Each test is having own defined criteria. To successfully complete it, candidates are needed to register with a renowned medical board in their country of residence and complete the assessment portfolio for abroad candidates representing that they have done with 3 years of corresponding training.

Before sitting in CASC, abroad candidates need to present competencies in Psychotherapy and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry or Learning Disability.

How to apply?

A candidate needs to complete the online application process and then they can sit in Paper A and B. They need to enter contact information and training details and make payments using credit/debit cards.

Those who are going to appear for Paper A can do thorough MRCPSYCH Paper A preparation by taking the help of material available online, undertaking Mock tests, etc which will be useful to pass the test efficiently. The MRCPSYCH exam dates will be available online and candidates can check it regularly to not miss it.