The art of politeness

Translated from: L’art de la politesse
By Ecclésiaste DEUDJUI
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Les formules de politesse sont réellement très précieuses. Source: /Dessin reproduit sous autorisation
Les formules de politesse sont réellement très précieuses. Source: /Dessin reproduit sous autorisation


You yourself remember that there was a policeman who blew up the head of a little girl in Buea last week, and you also remember that it was a presumably because of her mother? Let's not forget that everything has started with a heated altercation at a roadblock. And that the tone is climbed between the driver and the gendarme, and that's how we came to this drama that is both shocking, disturbing but also unacceptable...

Behavior of this conductor is not an isolated fact. It unfortunately led to a manslaughter. It reminds us of the verbal wrestle that took place in full Bafoussam only a few weeks ago, between your deputy Nourane Foster and a police officer who was just doing his job. Zeal! Some personalities believe that they can do anything here in this country, to the point of believe that they can freely defy public authority. Until we even saw a guy who got out of his car to fight with a man in clothes here in Douala, and I wondered if Francis Ngannou doesn't already have everything chartered to ensure the succession of MMA...

Joke aside, Cameroonians are very poorly behaved! Not only is politeness a quality very rare in our cities, but I also already have the impression that simple humility has already disappeared. The word “thank you” is becoming more and more nowhere to be found. The word “forgiveness” is already starting to disappear. The phrases “Please” or “Excuse me” now only exist in emails bureaucratic, and sometimes in cover letters.

Your mouth can save you or kill you, you need to know that. You have to learn how to use the art of politeness to defuse the anger of your potentials enemies. When you owe someone money, call them first before he calls you, and reassure him. When you stamp yourself in traffic jams, ask forgiveness from your opposite even if inadvertently, he has unfortunately crumpled your car. Don't get into a war with bendskineurs on the way because they only need a rallying signal, so that you were instantly becoming a lynching subject. And then, most importantly, always smile...

Politeness does not mean that you will become a weak person. Kindness does not will not mean that you will have become a stooge, a minus than nothing, etc. contrary! People who are polite and friendly are always very nice to be around, and generally everyone always wants to find at their side.
Have them good words. Don't criticize for criticism. Stop meddling in life deprived of others. Know how to appreciate and recognize what is well done by others, and stay away from jealousy and envy. Once you have purified your heart, you will see that the number of your opponents will decrease considerably...


Ce petit mot peut vous éviter bien des problèmes: MERCI. Source: /Image reprise sous autorisation
Ce petit mot peut vous éviter bien des problèmes: MERCI. Source: /Image reprise sous autorisation


The woman who was behind the wheel in Molyko, she could have just said, “If he please officer, I'm on my way to school with my daughter and we're already late. What gendarme could have resisted that?
Myself the other day in Mbanga, my little brother told a controller that “Good evening, officer, please we have a very important medical emergency and we are seriously in delay. This traffic prevention officer, yet people reputed to be very corrupt, let us pass without asking us for the slightest radish!

The fights marital disputes, quarrels between neighbors or between donors and tenants, always come from the wrong mouth. Ethnic conflicts or the English-speaking crisis that has been rampant at NoSO since November 2016, are only the fault of a very serious lack of dialogue between two parts.
So know how to embrace the art of politeness, and you will see how much you eliminate many problems in your life.


Ecclesiastes Deudjui

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