How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Bedroom?

By De Panache Interiors
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Whether you're looking to give your bedroom a quick makeover or pay tribute to a heritage through design, color is the place to start. Picking the right paint color can bring a room together and evoke a strong mood or feeling, suggest the best interior designers in Bangalore. However, that's only half of the battle. Once you've chosen a color scheme for your space, you also need to decide on a finish, which will ultimately determine the mood and function of the space. With all this in mind, here are guidelines for choosing your paint color as well as picking out the right finish for your bedroom:

- Soft and soothing - If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, try choosing soft, pale colors such as lavender or dusty blue. These colors can also help to create an illusion of space in small rooms. Soft, neutral shades are perfect for restful bedrooms where you're looking for a more mature look that's still easy on the eye.

- Warm and earthy - If you want your bedroom to feel like a haven of relaxation, why not try rich warm tones such as cocoa, terracotta or cinnamon? Earthy tones make spaces seem bigger and will bring warmth to the room. They're great for creating cozy nooks within larger bedrooms too - if you want your bedroom to be cozier but don't want to close yourself off completely then this is the way forward!

- Fresh and bright - If you're sick of dark spaces and looking for a way to make your bedroom feel airy, bright and luxurious then look no further than pale shades. Pale colors bounce light around the room which means that even dark spaces will seem bright and filled with natural sunlight. Pastel tones are perfect for creating an airy space without losing depth or warmth within the room (and don't forget that you could always contrast them with darker furniture if you still want to create depths).

- Bright but neutral - If you're all about deep colors but really want to try out bright, choose one color as your main hue and use it in varying degrees of intensity throughout the space. This way it'll act like a neutral, grounding the whole design while of brightness in accessories will help to bring the space to life.

- Bold and dramatic - If you're looking for a bedroom that makes an impression why not try strong, bold colors such as aubergine, forest green or ruby red? Linen in these shades will give your room an instant mood lift while floors and other features can be painted in lighter hues to create drama throughout the space.

- The right finish - just like choosing paint colors, different levels of sheen on your bedroom walls will help to set the mood within your design. Many interior designers in Bangalore accepts the fact that matt paints give rooms a masculine feel, whereas gloss creates shine and reflects light around the space making it feel lighter and brighter. You may also want to look at using matte paints on specific areas, such as behind your bed, so the finish doesn't distract from your bedding.

Final Words:

Picking the right paint color for your bedroom is a matter of personal preference, but if you want to create a space where you can relax and unwind, looks to earthy tones such as cocoa, terracotta or cinnamon. Or if you're looking for a way to make your bedroom feel airy and bright, try pale colors such as lavender or dusty blue. Whatever the mood you're going for picking the right finish is essential. For example matt paints are perfect for bedrooms because they help prevent dust from gathering on furniture too quickly while gloss will reflect light within the room making it feel more spacious.

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