Is Paris Saint-Germain an infirmary or a football club?

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Lionel Messi, blessé au genou, est incertain pour le match contre Manchester City, mardi. Source: /Image reprise sous autorisation
Lionel Messi, blessé au genou, est incertain pour le match contre Manchester City, mardi. Source: /Image reprise sous autorisation


Tuesday next, Paris Saint-Germain will face Manchester City at the Parc des Princes, on behalf of the second day of the Champions League 2021/2022. Nothing abnormal so far. Except that Lionel Messi, the great star of international football and summer's flagship rookie, is already announced uncertain for this shock. The former FC Barcelona player also missed both last league matches against Metz (Wednesday) vs Montpellier ce sunday. We still remember his very controversial replacement during the week last against Lyon, a change made by Pochettino and that had left pantois all observers...

So, Lionel Messi is presumed uncertain for the big duel against the team of Guardiola, this Tuesday. Just like Sergio Ramos, who has not yet played the least minute (including during pre-season games) under his news colors. Just like Juan Bernat, who hasn't walked the lawns for more of a year, but which has seen his contract renewed — and even upgraded — in the course of last season. And if we add players like Neymar who play a match on two, the recurrent muscle injuries of Di Maria, Icardi, Paredes (it's not because they are Argentinian eh), the strokes of fatigue Gueye, Verrati and other Kurzawa, the list is not about to end.
So, Is Paris Saint-Germain still a football club?

We will answer Yes to this question, and that is quite naturally. Because PSG remains the undisputed boss of French football since the arrival of the Qataris in 2011. A few rare exceptions, he has always won the national championship, the Cup from France, the Ligue Cup and the Champions Trophy. This year yet he is well on his way to recover his crown of champion conceded the year spent in Lille, since it is for the moment a flawless in the league (8 wins in eight days). Sportively it is a competitive club, with players whose quality and genius are no longer to be demonstrated, and who is getting closer years after years of his supreme dream: to win the champions league.

How can we explain that Lionel Messi, who does not was almost never injured at the time of his Catalan reign, to be almost of four missed games while we are still in September? And that it is already as much as in his last five years on the side of his ex-spanish club?
We have quickly said that it was due to a demanding summer preparation on the part of PSG staff, but it's not true: the Pulga did not arrive at the club Ile-de-France that in the last moments of the mercato, and so Leo Messi was treated to individualized preparation.
Can we blame jet lag and fatigue from long journeys to South America south, while at the same time, Real Madrid, Juventus, Atletico de Madrid and others, also have South American players who do not demonstrate such states of fatigue?

The truth is that Paris Saint-Germain is a very complicated club to follow, and above all to understand. Some even say that it is “untrainable.” If not, how to explain Tuchel and Emery who were considered outcasts there, are now the simultaneous holders of the Champions League with Chelsea, and the Europa league with Villareal?
There is certainly an explanation that escapes us.


Neymar a déjà fait plusieurs tours à l
Neymar a déjà fait plusieurs tours à l'infirmerie, depuis son arrivée au PSG en 2017. Source: /CC-BY


And always regarding injuries, how much credit should be given to medical examinations performed by Paris Saint-Germain? How did they recruit the thirtysomething Sergio Ramos who is at the end of his career, with such a used calf? Was not her non-selection for Euro 2021 with La Roja a signal? And his non-extension with Real Madrid of which he is an indisputable legend?
Outcome: he gets 12 million euros per season for a two-year contract, and he has still not played for the slightest second in three months!

Another thesis of repeated injuries of this highly politicized club would be the city of Paris. We know it all, PSG players love the French capital. Its restaurants, its nightclubs, its old castles, its chic neighborhoods, its spaces of leisure and its really restless nights...
It is for this reason that a player like Draxler, whether he is playing or not, will not complain never out of his situation as long as he continues to earn a big pay—that no one will give him anywhere else—, and as long as he stays in life parisian. Neymar then, let's not talk about it anymore! Between her birthdays events and its Paris-Rio-Paris return trips, it's a whole story. I as you said, since his arrival he has only played one game out of two. And again! These players are thus engrowed in a kind of material comfort and pampering by a Nasser Al-Khelaifi obviously helpless in the face to the starmania of its star players. They choose their matches, which explains that they can draw against Bruges (1-1) on a European night, and then sublimate the next match against Maestro Kevin De Bruyne's Manchester City.

So, Is Paris Saint-Germain really an infirmary? I say no. It's just a football club that unfortunately already has too much of sick people...


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