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Virtual Medical Scribe

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Virtual Medical Service allows the ability for physicians to focus on what they do best by hire a Medical Scribe and practice the Virtual scribe service. Online Medical Scribing? can have a positive impact on healthcare systems and clinics. Wondering how Virtual Scribe Service can specifically benefit your clinic or practice? This list describes you the reason to hire a Medical Scribe.        More time to focus on patients Using a Virtual Physician Scribe increases face time with the patient. The time spent by a physician interacting directly with the patient instead with a computer can be increased four-fold according to a recent study.More Patients per shift Typically Online Medical Scribing? creates at least 15% more patient load capacity and all without a drop in 100% patient care and satisfaction.

Note: In a recent survey, the efficiency of using Virtual Medical Service has been calculated. And, length of stay and visit times are shorter – time savings of up to 30% have been reported.Significant Productivity GainsProvider focuses more on the clinical decision by making him/her free from the burden of data entry record and allowing more patients to be seen per shift.

It gives sufficient time to focus on two extra rechecks on visits per day!Charts are closed on the same dayVirtual Medical Scribes prepare the day by summarizing each scheduled patient visit, diagnostic studies, and reason for visit that allows faster access to internal labs and testing data.

Feel the joy of practicing medicineThe physician has a better work, and life balance as after-hours charting is eliminated. Thus, Hire a Medical Scribe to focus exclusively on the practice of medicine.About CresceremedCrescereMed offer practices with a quality virtual/remote scribe who can create charts in real time. Our Virtual Physician Scribes handles complete medical documentation, freeing up to focus on improved patient care.Hire a scribe to ease your physicians to free up time and increase accuracy. Call us to know more info.  

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