How to have a happy relationship after IVF?

Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee
Aug 12, 2021 - 3 Minutes

When IVF becomes a reality, the world suddenly seems like a bright place. At last, your prayers have been answered and you can enjoy parenthood. However, along with IVF treatment, there are some lines of thought that may seem to mar this joyous period in your life. IVF, or any infertility treatment for that matter, is difficult to discuss with anyone at large and especially when it comes to having children from IVF.

The media glare can also make you feel extremely inadequate and 'different'. You could be fighting these negative feelings all by yourself but thankfully there are still lots of people out there who understand exactly how you feel and will help you fight the battle against depression IVF has brought into their lives too.

IVF and other infertility treatments should not make you feel guilty if your relationship has hit a rough spot. IVF does not mean the end of love between two people in marriage or a long-term commitment to each other. IVF can be a way for you both to salvage something out of the wreck that was created by infertility and still has a happy relationship after IVF.

The changes your partner goes through during IVF can be too much for even the strongest of relationships. So it is important to step back and take time out from all this craziness, just when it's required. You will know instinctively when he/she needs your support but it is equally important that you support yourself at times too. IVF is not a one-man show and you should make sure that you do not fall victim to the same IVF trap.

Not all IVF couples are doomed to repeat history in their relationship. Some IVF couples have successfully handled the process of IVF together and still made things work between them at a later stage in life. If you think that IVF can break your marriage, then it probably will eventually; so why don't you both play your part in ensuring that this doesn't happen?

According to an IVF center in Indore, IVF can be quite overwhelming for couples where there is an infertility issue being faced for some time now. You could try joining support groups where there are many like-minded people who understand what infertile couples are going through. IVF is never easy and you can always find someone who will empathize with you, during this time. IVF offers a wonderful opportunity for infertile couples to get the chance to create their own bundle of joy. But IVF shouldn't be seen as a guarantee that this dream will come true without any effort being put in by the couple themselves.

It is important to remember that IVF can be difficult on both partners individually, but your chances of having an outcome that makes everyone happy increase if you pull together as a team rather than letting IVF break up your marriage. IVF does not have to end relationships; in fact many report it making them stronger and more understanding of one another's needs. IVF brings the concept of parenthood to life for many people. IVF can also bring about a change in your relationship, bringing joy and happiness in unexpected ways. IVF takes lots of patience and understanding. IVF does not have to be the cause of a lot of heartache between couples although the pressure that IVF creates during this process may very well have an effect on other aspects of your marriage apart from just your sex lives or IVF treatments itself only you can determine whether IVF will adversely affect your marriage in any way.

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