Translated from: De l’exhibitionnisme
By Ecclésiaste DEUDJUI
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La génération actuelle s
La génération actuelle s'exhibe sur les réseaux sociaux. Source: vecteezy.com /CC-BY

Personally I'm not someone who likes to publish their photos on social media. Finally, not much. And I'm starting to think it must come from a problem generational. Because it's on Facebook, Instagram and more WhatsApp, my friends' selfies raining on cover photos, on statuses, news feeds and profile images...

So, what is it about? Exhibitionism? Not just.

Several studies have shown that social networks have radically transformed the how people live in communities, but also how they communicate. Others observational studies have revealed that individuals express themselves on social platforms to enhance their image among their entourage. And finally, I think we mostly use our smartphones to us (re) give the trust, to enhance our esteem of ourselves, to value ourselves to the eyes of others but also to explore atavic egocentrism and also narcissism...

The statutes, still known as stories, are a perfect illustration of this. This is an image (a selfie in general) that has a lifespan of 24 hours, or a funny or philosophical comment whose “sharing” boasts of being the “revelator.” There are also statutes that translate the state of mind of their author, or its actuality or why not his emotions sentimental and his statements of gratitude to X or Y.

We are spent in an era when we are alone in front of our mobile phone, but while being several. We invent ourselves an image that must be necessarily awful and attractive, and besides the filters and effects special ones are here to help us. Present generations are fighting once the dissemination of their personal data by GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), but at the same time this are ourselves who advocate to have the right to show us, film and tell all our privacy on the internet.

The Era of the exhibitionism we are experiencing is cleverly pernicious. It's a non-perverse exhibitionism. This is acceptable exhibitionism. It's a voyeurist exhibitionism. It's an exhibitionism that serves us as a newspaper intimate but which is broadcast in the rest of the world. It's a display of our most intimate secret gardens of which we are not even conscious, unfortunately...

So I do not condemn anyone, and I do not judge you. I'm no better than those who tell us what they ate at noon or those who inform us that they just caught headaches. I'm not against those who invent themselves. a virtual reality and dream life that are not theirs. I'm not not opposed to the ladies who make themselves super sexy and super beautiful in the pictures, nor to men who make themselves super rich and super seductive through their publications.

To each his life!

And then I can't even blame them since it must surely come from a generational problem...

Ecclesiastes Deudjui

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