3 Super Productive Writing Habits Every Writer Should Develop

Ngwa Emmanuel
Jul 5, 2020 - 2 Minutes

How to develop your writing habits and be more productive

Image Credit: Modern Ghana
Image Credit: Modern Ghana

It's been quite a while since we've all socially distanced ourselves from each other. It also seems like we've socially distanced ourselves from our writing spaces.

Staying at home and observing the load of COVID-19 preventive measures can leave little to our imagination, let alone write about new things every day. While stay-at-home directives can be helpful in sparking your creative genius, it can also limit it, in many ways.

You don't get to watch the trees sway, the birds speaking in strange tongues or the mutterings and curses in crowded spaces. All you're allowed to experience is yourself, your home, and everything else that has to do with you. In such situations, it's easy to see your writing habits dwindle and your productivity, slump.

But that doesn't mean you can't get the writing sparks you need to get your messages out. There's always something good we can make out of a bad situation like this.

Here are some tips you can use to make the best out of a bad situation like this pandemic.

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1. Switch off the Internet for a second

And try writing with a pen and a piece of paper. No distractions = more time to daydream and come up with exciting ideas.

2. Take productive breaks

Since you are home all the time now, it is better that you take a break and do an activity that is more likely to give you an idea that you would otherwise get when you are outside.

3. Productive procrastination practice

Take two-three assignments at a time, so that you have enough space to jump back and forth, get work done, and still have time to think for yourself. You want to keep yourself busy while still procrastinating on your most valuable tasks.

In this business of writing, time is everything and everything is time. You can bookmark these tips to use later or you can rush into them right now. You are in the middle of a pandemic. What matters is, you cope with it in the way that you're most comfortable.

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