10 Important Points To Remember Before Applying For UPSC Mock Test

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Dec 14, 2022 - 3 Minutes

Are you waiting for the UPSC mock test? If you are preparing for the exam then you need to keep an eye on your mistakes. The best thing is that you can prepare for the exam in a proper manner. There are many students who are waiting for the test, but you should not wait for the test. You should focus on your UPSC mock interview preparation before the test.

10 important points to remember before applying for the exam:

1. Be regular in the study:

You should be a regular student if you want to crack the exam. It means that you need to follow a timetable and stick to it.

2. Focus on the question bank:

In order to prepare for the exam you should have a good knowledge of the question bank. You should prepare questions from the previous year’s paper and read the question bank regularly.

3. Practice for the exam:

You should practice for the exam to get the actual feeling of the test. You should try to simulate the real test. You can take the mock test from the online portals.

4. Practice for the multiple choice question:

You should practice for the MCQs as they are the most common type of questions. You can use the online mock tests for the same.

5. Prepare for the descriptive questions:

Descriptive questions are the toughest ones for the aspirants as it is not easy to write answers for it. You should prepare the answers for the descriptive questions before hand.

6. Know the format of the test:

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If you are going to appear in the exam then you should know the exact format of the test. The most common format is the descriptive and objective type. You can take the mock test to know the format of the test.

7. Try to solve the sample papers:

You should try to solve the sample papers to know how the questions are asked in the test.

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8. Practice for the viva voce:

Practice for the viva voce test is very important because it will help you to develop your speaking skills. You should take the mock test to improve your speaking skills.

9. Practice for the personal interview:

Personal interview is one of the most important parts of the exam. You should prepare for the same as it will give you the real feel of the test. You can practice for the interview by taking mock test from the online portals.

10. Make a strategy:

Make a strategy for the exam. You should make a strategy for each and every section of the exam. You should divide your strategy into two parts one for the preparation and second for the exam.


Hope you found this article helpful in preparing for the UPSC mock test.

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