“We are no longer afraid of the coronavirus! ”

By Ecclésiaste DEUDJUI
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Les personnels hospitaliers et les populations se sont adaptées à la maladie du coronavirus. Source: financialafrik.com /CC-BY
Les personnels hospitaliers et les populations se sont adaptées à la maladie du coronavirus. Source: financialafrik.com /CC-BY

No before eh, because before it was rather “We are NOT afraid of the coronavirus! ” For he must be remembered that in the months of December 2019, January 2020 and February 2020, covid-19 was mostly a “whites affair”.

People who live on the African continent gargle with their skin color black, and they went in conjecture to explain the fact that the disease had not yet settled in sub-Saharan Africa, had not caused any major damage.

The things have changed a little bit. The deaths of Cameroonian Manu Dibango then Senegalese Pape Diouf, aged 86 and 68 respectively (note, one is the opposite of each other), the anti-coronavirus software is substantially modified people of black color. It is no longer a question of saying that “ does not resist heat”, “the virus only attacks people or “the virus cannot kill people of color” black because Africans are more resistant than whites, they are stronger, they are more poorly fed (sic), and most importantly they are accustomed to deal with malaria and other infections that are eminently more dangerous as your tiny coronavirus...”

I paraphrase. But the original idea was to say that the African continent does not would not suffer violently this pandemic, despite the famous WHO alerts and its tendentiers “Africa should prepare for the worst!

Today the game has changed. Almost three months have passed since the first cases confirmed on African land, and still no disaster (I touch wood!). Countries that dared to confinish themselves have begun to break down gradually and then totally, and some States such as Cameroon have even resumed school classes and nightclubs as if to say that all goes for the better in the best of worlds...

We are no longer afraid of coronavirus, that's what we seem to be saying. The streets of Douala and Yaoundé are crowded with world, and especially the spaces public. People mix and crammed into markets to the point of walk on it, and they wear their masks only to escape the contraventions of the judicial police. Certainly the inhabitants have learned to wash their hands, they practically automatically social distancing in offices and in hotels (except when they booked the same bed J), and in addition some individuals walk around with their own hydro-alcoholic gel.

The trend general is at generalized easing, and it seems to be thought that coronavirus is not everywhere. That it's not enough to get out of your house to catch it irretrievably and immediately.

Basically, let us respect the barrier gestures. Let's avoid falling into psychosis. Let's learn to live with this pathogen, covid-19, to better avoid disease that he inoculates, covid-19. Cameroonians know that the infection curve continues to progress inexorably, but it is not as scary as the great terror that pharmaceutical companies had predicted us.

So let's live!

Ecclesiastes Deudjui

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