Made-in-Cameroon Footwear Brand, Diamond Glitz, Rebrands to MEANGO

As the new year kicks off, a Cameroonian footwear brand, Diamond Glitz, has rebranded to MEANGO to lead the business into a new era.

Ngwa Emmanuel
Jan 14, 2021 - 2 Minutes

As the new year kicks off, a Cameroonian footwear brand, Diamond Glitz, has rebranded to MEANGO to lead the business into a new era.

Dedicated to crafting beautiful handmade beaded footwear, a Diamond Glitz executive said its refreshed branding aims to give the company a contemporary edge with a unique, indigenous name that carries meaning and power.

The new MEANGO Logo
The new MEANGO Logo

Therese Matuke, who founded the business in 2016, explains: “MEANGO in my dialect means ELEPHANT TUSKS (IVORY). This is one of the accessories our ancestors used to adorn themselves. MEANGO signifies strength, beauty, adornment, style, etc…”

The rebrand has been delivered across all marketing touchpoints including product imagery, name, values, social media, and packaging. And the move is part of a new strategy to fuel growth and build a stronger brand, underpinned by the launch of new designs. 

For footwear lovers, the rebranding does not, in any way, change the quality or beauty of the company’s designs as “they will continue experiencing the best from MEANGO as they did with Diamond Glitz” Matuke told Afro Hustler.  

Therese Matuke, Founder of MEANGO
Therese Matuke, Founder of MEANGO

MEANGO, Therese says, also brings with it more colorful and elegant designs (in terms of colors and styles) that rhyme with the African culture. What’s more, the brand will now take an artisan but smooth approach to footwear. 

The recent rebranding initiative help position MEANGO as a company with both a proud legacy and an ambitious global vision. Its passion for beaded accessories, its dedication to craftsmanship, and its business savvy are part of the brand’s legacy. And as always, “the consumer will remain at the center of everything we do,” MEANGO’s founder added.

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Discover MEANGO, the new Diamond Glitz

Hand sculpted using both traditional and modern techniques, MEANGO (formerly Diamond Glitz) is a young fashion brand that designs and markets handmade beaded accessories to both local and international markets.

Since launching in 2016, the brand’s footwear products have been highly sought after both in Cameroon and beyond.

Today with its rebranding, MEANGO footwear strives to capture the brand’s original spirit and heritage, while delivering vintage-inspired, quality footwear. 

Want to experience the power and beauty of the MEANGO brand? Check out MEANGO’s designs on Facebook and start placing your orders today.

Tel/WhatsApp: +237 6 75 02 88 35

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