Stop Micromanaging, Start Helping

Don't impose help. Give help when needed

By Wutsi Tech Blog
2 Minutes

I've sometime receive feedback from some of my teammates, who told me that I was micro-managing them. Honestly, I didn't understand why they were saying that, I felt like I was just pushing them to deliver the project.

Then I listened to the podcast Stop Micromanaging and Give People the Help They Really Need, ns I realized that I sometimes micromanage people.

Here are my 5 take away from the podcast

1. Micromanager have good intentions

Micromanagers have good intentions, they just want to help!  But the perception is different: the manager is viewed as someone with higher authority who steps in when not necessary.

2. Help only when people are ready for it

Timing is critical. Manager should give help when people are ready for it. If people don't understand their problems, any of your advice will not be effective. 

3. Make clear that your want to help

Manager must make clear that he just want to be helpful when he steps in. Never assume that assume that people understand your intentions.

4. Figure out what people need

Manager must ask questions, listen actively and observe to make sure he understands the problem from the perspective of those you trying to help.

5. Talk to your manager

For an employee who feels micromanaged, start a conversation with your manager to clarify roles to prevent misalignment between both of you.