He Brought Me You

He never brings you the Christmas gift you want. Instead, He brings you something better you need and deserve. Always!

Ngwa Emmanuel
Dec 25, 2020 - 1 Minutes
  Photo by photo hoteam on Unsplash
  Photo by photo hoteam on Unsplash

Is it me or just the year?

Because I've been feeling kind of different.

Maybe I'm just going over my head,

Maybe I'm just falling for you this year.

I asked for all the phones,

I asked for all the shoes,

I asked for all the goodies,

I asked for all the laptops.

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But rather, He brought me something that was much more true.

I sent out my Christmas wish in a prayer to Him (though I knew not how to pray),

But He knows best because He brought me you.

He received my wish-list but told me I deserved better,

So, He brought me something different and special this year.

He brought me YOU for Christmas.

Thanks for being my Christmas gift.

If you're reading this, know that I hold so dear to my heart! Thanks for stopping by, love!