Express burials

Translated from: Enterrements express
By Ecclésiaste DEUDJUI
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Enterrement d
Enterrement d'une victime d'Ebola à Beni. Source: /CC

Let's put the right questions: who do we want to protect? Who do we want to imitate? Was there not a way to proceed differently? I ask questions rebarbations about the express funerals we have been witnessing since His Excellency, Mr. Coronavirus, has elected residence within the Triangle Cameroonian national.

The Truth is that from a health crisis, we are moving to a crisis sociological of almost frightening magnitude. We're even in a philosophical and metaphysical transition since the arrival of covid-19 (academicians say rather LA covid, but good!), since bereaved families have more the right to see their corpse, to carry their corpse, to bury their corpse as close as possible to the land of their ancestors, etc.

It's not not specifically a bamileke question as i have heard some say. It is a Bantou problem. Because in our centuries-old cultures, the dead should be celebrated in a memorable way before their burial and their journey to the grave, as a kind of mystical farewell that would preserve their bonds of cohabitation with the living. So in my naivety I wonder: why the dead of do covid-19 do not benefit from such funeral, since according to the “norms international health” they must be buried within the hours that follow, and in the nearest cemetery?

I don't don't tell you that these ill-adapted provisions of what is being done elsewhere (in the West, since this is where we clumsily copy everything), has already caused tensions of misunderstanding between the various afflicted families, and the medical personnel concerned. I want the exhumations for proof. many of which we are witnessing in recent times, with re-seizures corpses by the National Gendarmerie, the imprisonment of the perpetrators, and immediately re-burials.

why Have we arrived here? Is it because corpses are hyper contagious? Is it because we are afraid of the crowds during the funeral ceremonies? Is it because he weaved a business juicy around the traffic of these remains? Or worse, their organs? I refuse to think that in a well-galvanized coffin and in a good shroud disinfected, the macchabee cannot be rendered not only non-contaminating, but in addition not manipulable. I want to understand that the safety of living is obviously predominant over any other form of thing, but it you have to think about the psychological shock of the loss of a loved one, and the resulting psychological traumas.

The situation in our country goes from bad to worse and I think to bury someone without honors and far from his fold, this is undoubtedly a sadistic and cynical way to kill him a second time.

Ecclesiastes Deudjui

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