Network marketing: The Beginnings

Anyone can become a network marketer, but everyone doesn't become successful

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Photo by Conseils marketing
Photo by Conseils marketing

        Network marketers are the middlepersons between a company and a client. They double as brand ambassadors of both parties.

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Network marketing, If not the trendiest search entry on the Internet nowadays, it sure has millions of people searching for it. Network marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, online advertising, Web marketing or affiliate marketing, is not new as would think many wannabe network marketers if they were asked the question.

Here's what you will read:

  • Marketing 
  • Network marketing 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Referral system 
  • How to start as a network marketer 

     1.  Marketing
If there are two persons with different commodities with each of them wanting what the other has, it's very likely that marketing will occur. Marketing is basically the exchange of goods and/or services between two consenting entities or individuals. This exchange may occur in numerous ways.

    2. Network marketing
I like to call this human networking. Let me describe this, before defining it, with an analogy: “I need a pair of shoes, but I don't know where they are sold. But the person beside me does. He takes me to a boutique where I make my purchase. The boutique tenant gives this person a "thank you" fee, equally known as referral fee. Now, that's network marketing. Take some seconds and think of the numerous referrals you have made in your life. Even when someone stops you on the streets and asks for the location of shoe-mender's shop, you are already doing network marketing.

   Network – a connection of persons sharing resources, ideas or information seamlessly, even remotely".

AMBE Gaston 

So, from what's above, we notice that we've all been network marketers at some point in our lives.

      3. Digital marketing

Photo from Draw Brothers
Photo from Draw Brothers

The difference between digital marketing and the previous discussed concepts is the medium. Digital marketing is everything network marketing is and more. Digital marketing is marketing, network marketing done online through social media platforms, emailing, websites, phones, where there's interaction. Interaction is key in digital marketing. The client has to be able to place an order, dial a number, etc.

4.   Referral system

Photo from Pacific Insures Me
Photo from Pacific Insures Me

At the core of networking is a referral system. The networking company deals out its products to pleased customers who become ambassadors and bring in potential customers. Note that, every satisfied customer is an ambassador by default. But companies have placed a bid on this natural referral system, and turned it into a scheme. People are paid to increase a company's notoriety as a job, no longer because they are pleased with the company's offer. Even betting sites now have referral systems.


  •  Get qualified 

Self-proclaimed network marketers will say it's not necessary to do so because they have skipped stages themselves. But believe me, in order to be a successful network marketers, you need at least the basics in marketing or commerce, which for me is an HND in marketing, business administration or some related qualification.

  • Be resilient and consistent

If you want to join a genuine network marketing platform, program, company, you must armed yourself with resilience and patience. If not, join a get-rich-quick scheme and stand the risk of being scammed. The debuts of network marketers are always slow-paced – and sometimes unsteady and risky.

  •  Don't read success stories

People see what they are shown, not what is behind the scene.

AMBE Gaston 

Don't read success stories, read failure stories. Success stories are overrated, the most of them. Read failure stories because, sincerely, you will not succeed immediately - I mean, have reasonable success - like those marketers whose books you want to read. We expect what we see or read, it's psychological. You will be frustrated if you don't get the results they have accumulated over years of failures.

  •  Build a personal strong network

Are you trustworthy? How many persons can vouch for you? Know this, your network is your net worth. In network marketing, your reputation and personality are your assets, but may become your liabilities,  be careful! Harness the people around you and make them your connections. Become influential, become the go-to and must-see person for people in their time of need.

 Here's a tip: create value, engage in charity, volunteer frequently, be a good listener, etc. When you build a strong network, you will notice that your network will become "contagious", ever-growing by itself. This is because people will talk, and they will talk positively about you to their own connections.

  •  Invest cash

Only green leaves are attractive

AMBE Gaston 

Obviously, you need cash in all businesses. In fact, cash is a sign of engagement in every business. You may contribute time, energy, ideas to a business, but until you contribute cash, you will never be truly engaged in that business. Investing money gives you something real to lose.

  •  Be eloquent

I don't expect you to be Churchill-eloquent, but you must–and I mean must–be able to speak correctly and properly. Speaking correctly entails the use of correct grammar, sentence structure, etc. ; while speaking properly entails using proper words, the right tone, the right gestures, concise sentences, not interrupting your audience, be concise, etc.

  • Be willing to receive feedback

Your perspective and taste are not universal.

AMBE Gaston

 The only way to loyalize customers is to include them in your business decisions. Customers should, somehow, be part of your decision making. It's very difficult to convince someone to buy a product or pay for a service once, but what's more difficult is to convince that consumer to return if they are not satisfied with their purchase. Receiving and implementing customer feedback is as important as sourcing for goods and services.

  • Start now, against all odds

What's the time? It's network marketing o'clock. Yes, you heard me well. It's time for your marketing. There's no proper time nor proper place to start building a network marketing strategy. Every present condition is as good as the next one. You mustn't achieve all the recommended steps necessary for network marketing. Simply start now, and mend your strategies as you go along. Afraid of failure? Believe, everyone has had a certain dose of failure sometime in their lives. 

  • Use the appropriate platform or medium 

To whom are you talking about your business, your products, your services? On what platforms are you advertising them? These questions are vital. Their answers determine how your customers view you. If you talk to people who don't matter – I don't mean that some people aren't important. I mean that you should target your audience appropriately  – you are certainly not going to have good results. Don't use free platforms or free services of paid platforms. Think of this for a second: why would someone pay for a service for which you are not ready to spend money yourself. Create a professional ad on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.   

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