Petition for the end of the war in the Northwest and Southwest...

By Ecclésiaste DEUDJUI
2 Minutes
Il faut immédiatement cesser le conflit anglophone. Source: /CC
Il faut immédiatement cesser le conflit anglophone. Source: /CC

Dear all, dear all,

It is with a lot of stirred and a lot of grief that I ask you for the final and final resolution of the war in Cameroonian English-speaking zone.

Indeed, it has been four years since this conflict fratricide continues, with its recurring lot of massacres, barbaric, masses killings and repeated acts of torture.

We still remember the carnage of Ngarbuh last February. As well as the inhumane beheading of the Florence Ayafor prison. We remember the kidnappings in this part of the country and the mutilations, slaughter, summary killings and so on!

This show lasted too long. We can't more to bear this barbarism that takes place before our eyes, and of which we let us give the impression that it does not concern us. We have to act! It is time that the Cameroonian people finally say NO to this savagery that decimates our own brothers and sisters, which dramatically paralyzes our national economy.

The latest tragedy is this gloomy massacre of Saturday, October 24, 2020. Unidentified and armed individuals, broke into a high school and primary school in Kumba and they coldly shot half a dozen students. And injured several of their comrades.

What happened is not only unimaginable, but besides it is downright unbearable.

We urge the administrative authorities and President of the Republic Paul Biya, to radically find a solution to this incomprehensible crisis, a crisis that has already caused thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of displaced persons. We ask them to acknowledge that there is actually a serious anglophone problem, and sit down with separatists to try a real beginning of dialogue, in order to obtain at least one provisional ceasefire.

Arrogance never won a war. No nation never defeated in a battle against his own people. Discussions with the separatists would be an act of appeasement, of attempting to reconciliation and especially of gathering. Until when are we going to see die our compatriots and thus continue to live as if nothing happened?

I beg you to put an end to this war civil. Whatever the means, we must say No to this horror unacceptable that has gradually settled in our country under our poor Indifferent eyes.

Political leaders, authorities Republican, Army, Secessionist Fighters and Civil Society Cameroonian must take on each of its responsibilities so that finally cease this morbid inhumanity.

Ecclesiastes Deudjui

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Paul Biya
Crise Anglophone