Top 10 Tips To Create A Simple, Indian Middle Class Bedroom Design In Minutes!

Interior Design Company from Bangalore

By De Panache Interiors
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Interior Design Company from Bangalore
Interior Design Company from Bangalore

Living in a small house has many advantages. But decorating a small living room can be difficult. Here are 10 ways to make your home look good.

1. Make the room feel larger by moving furniture around. For example, if you have a small couch, move it closer to the window and put a coffee table in front of it. Or, if you have a big armchair, put it next to the window and remove the ottoman so it’s lower to the ground.

2. Hang pictures and plants on the walls to add interest and depth to the space. If you don’t have enough wall space to hang a lot of art, get creative with your framing. Try adding an element to the frame such as a wood block or a small mirror.

3. Keep clutter off the floor. A cluttered space makes the room feel smaller. Put away the stuff that’s not needed and keep the important items out in the open. Use low shelves for books and papers, suggests De Panache.

4. Keep the space feeling bright and airy by keeping it clean and white. If you’re working on a tight budget, buy white paint or paint your walls in a light shade.

5. Add color to the room. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the space, add color to make it more inviting. Paint the walls a fun color and add colorful pillows, curtains or artwork to bring in color.

6. Use mirrors to reflect light. Mirrors are a great way to add light to a room. Place a large mirror over the couch to bounce the light onto the ceiling. You can also use mirrors to create a focal point in the room.

7. Use plants to add life to the room. Use tall plants to fill in empty corners and give the room height. Keep the plants in pots or planters to make them easy to move around.

8. Use a rug to soften the space. A rug adds warmth to the room and makes it feel cozy. Get a large, patterned rug to cover the entire floor, suggests De Panache, an interior design company from Bangalore.

9. Use accessories to add color and texture to the room. Look for unique objects to add a pop of color to the room. A vase of flowers, a bowl of fruit, a colorful plant or a sculpture can turn a small space into a cozy retreat.

10. Add a decorative piece to the room. A beautiful lamp or a decorative pendant makes the space feel more attractive. You can also incorporate a unique piece into your decor. Look for pieces that are affordable and won’t take up too much room.

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