The choices we make will always hunt us through life. We can't run from them.

By Nebaneche Nebaneche
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Season 5

Sad Woman Sitting by Tree in Contemplation. PixaBay20. Photo credit: DaydreamsGirl
Sad Woman Sitting by Tree in Contemplation. PixaBay20. Photo credit: DaydreamsGirl

Berinice, after leaving the house, wandered far from home. She was lost in her thoughts; one could mistake her for a mad woman. She found herself at the 20th May Boulevard, in the city of Yaounde. She had boarded a bus from Bamenda to Yaounde, without a plan.

She sat down at the foot of a tree at the public place, watching every vehicle that passed through that road. One could read confusion in her eyes. They should be wandering what a beautiful lady like her would be doing, sitting all alone at such a place, so early, as dirty looking as a pig.

It was 7:30 am. At Hilton hotel, Che Ne was still deep asleep. Dora had woken up, and had prepared some delicious breakfast. She had set the table, which looked so appealing to every hungry guy. One would wonder where she got the money to get the stuff.

With a gentle touch, she woke Che Ne up, calling: "Mr Sleep, breakfast is served". When he opened his eyes, he could not believe what he had in front of him. Dora's beauty seemed to have tripled by the night. He was about to jump out of the bed when he noticed … Dora smiled, and holding his hand, she pulled him out of the bed, as he arose, with the sheets round his waist.

They both walked to the dining table, and sat down to eat. Che Ne was not settled, as he kept wishing that what he was thinking was just his imagination. He could not reconcile the fact that he slept with his shorts on, but only woke up in his panties. "I hope say dis girl nova chop ma tin oh!" He cried.

He stood up and walked to the bathroom, to brush his teeth and freshen up. While in the bathroom, he checked for any traces of what he was thinking, to clear his doubts. It was obvious something had happened. Yet, he could not accuse the meek and gentle Dora of anything. "Maybe I'm the one who acted first. How can anyone ever believe me if I ever said I was raped by a girl?". He pondered.

The tea was getting cold and Dora called out from the dinning room: "Breakfast is getting cold Frank, what are you still doing in there?" He hurriedly met her in the dinning table, and devoured the breakfast like a vulture, devouring the carcasses of slain warriors at the battle field.

Dora noticed the manner in which he devoured the food, and offered to give hers to him. He reluctantly accepted the offer, as she wouldn't take no for an answer. He ate to his satisfaction, and at 10 am, they were set to leave the hotel room.

Che Ne settled the bills, and they walked out, hand in hand.

As they stepped out of the hotel building, Che Ne Saw a figure that was seemingly identical to that of Berinice, his ex-fiance. He crossed over to the back of the tree, leaving his new girlfriend shocked.

As he drew closer, it became more obvious to him that it was his lady, Berinice. He stood at a distance of two metres, looking at her closely, wandering what could have gone wrong that the very lady he was "dieing for", who dumped him without a single reason, could be doing in Yaoundé. Worst still, in such a state of mind and physical appearance. She was sitted face down, probably still lost. Could it be that she has gone "mental?"

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