Easy DIY Projects To Brighten Up Your Home Interior

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Have you ever heard about the term ‘Home Decor’? Home decor is the term used to describe the way your house looks like, whether it is a simple or a luxurious house. The decoration of your house will influence your life and your personality.

Your house is not only a shelter for your family members but it is also your space where you spend most of your time.

If you want to make your house comfortable and beautiful then you can try these easy DIY projects. These ideas are suggested by the best interior designers from Mumbai.

Simple and effective DIY project:

Wooden lampshade

It is the simplest and effective DIY project that can be made within a short period of time. All you need is a wooden lampshade that you can easily get in the market. First, collect the materials that you need to make the lampshade. Take two pieces of wood, one of them is round and other one is square. You can use any kind of wood, but you can use oak and maple. Make a hole in the center of the round piece of wood, and then attach the square piece of wood. After making the holes make sure that the holes are perfectly aligned. Make sure that the wood is cut in a way that the round piece is at the center of the square. Then make sure that you attach the square and the round piece of wood tightly.

Make a DIY flower vase

This is the easiest and most effective DIY project that can be made in a short period of time. This DIY project requires a vase and a flower pot. You can easily get these things in the market.

Cut the vase in half and then cut the bottom of the vase. Make sure that you cut the vase in a way that it will hold flowers tightly. Cut the bottom of the vase and place it on the bottom of the flower pot. Fill the vase with water and place a flower inside it.

Easy DIY project for your living room:

Bathroom vanity

For your bathroom, you can make the vanity by using the mirror and the sink. To make a bathroom vanity, you will need to collect the required materials. You can use an existing vanity cabinet and a mirror that you can find in the market.

Take the vanity cabinet and attach it to the wall. Attach the back of the vanity to the wall, then make a hole in the wall and insert a hook. You can make the hook by using the screwdriver, but you can also make a hole using the drill.


These are some of the most effective DIY projects to brighten up your home interior in Mumbai. So, try to implement these DIY projects in your house and get a better home experience.

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