Freedom of Speech and Multiculturalism

Samuel Paty, a well-liked teacher, had been threatened over showing the cartoons to his pupils
Samuel Paty, a well-liked teacher, had been threatened over showing the cartoons to his pupils

Early this year, I published an article on multiculturalism (a.k.a "diversity") with the intention to challenge the common held belief that "multiculturalism is our strength". I argued that the fundament for social cohesion is primarily the presence of a dominant culture, which hegemony must always remain unchallenged, at the risk of fragmenting the society and eroding the trust between its members. Without trust, there is no society. 

This is something our ancestors understood very well, unfortunately, I have to say here. After invading another tribe, they would systematically exterminate all males, children and adults, for they knew so well what the economist Thomas Sowell rightly articulates in the sentence: "Cultures don't blend. They clash"

Let it be clear, as a fervent defender of the Non-Aggression Principle, I am in no way advocating for any sort of mass murder. I am also not in favour of tribal federalism, but rather for freedom of association, i.e. giving individuals the option to decide for themselves. But that's a topic for another article. 

Multiculturalism, Immigration and Freedom of Speech

The novel multicultural experiment practiced within today's weak African states is showing its limits and is currently standing on very thin ice. In Cameroon alone, we have witnessed its failures in the Mungo during the 1940's and 50's. Within a decade, the Mbôh were reduced to a minority on their land after a relentless inflow of immigrants, mostly Bamilekes. Today, History repeats itself in Douala, we have a civil war between Anglophones and the Francophone State, and, let's face it, there are many tensions between Bamilekes and Betis/Bulus, Northerners and Southerners. Very often, the root cause is the increasing immigration and the threat it poses to the hegemony of the dominant tribe on their land.

In western Europe, mass immigration contributes to similar issues between the fast growing Muslim immigrants and the natives. How do you reconcile two different cultures sharing the same territorial space but holding fundamentally opposed views on, for instance, the central issue that is Freedom of Speech?

In my first article on the topic, I argued that what sets modern western societies apart is the adoption of free speech in their culture. In the West, there is no one or no idea that is sacred enough to be granted immunity to scrutiny, contradiction or even ridicule. Not even God, the King or the President, or Religion. This is, in my opinion, the principal difference between the Western civilisation and any other one. It may as well explain why we owe the West the modern world. 

 “The First Temptation of Christ”,  a Netflix satire portraying a possibly gay Jesus. Spoiler: No one was beheaded because of this movie.
 “The First Temptation of Christ”,  a Netflix satire portraying a possibly gay Jesus. Spoiler: No one was beheaded because of this movie.

Freedom of speech is unfortunately something many Mahomedians are very reluctant to come to terms with, as once again, we were tragically reminded yesterday in a Paris suburb, after Samuel Paty, a middle school teacher, was beheaded in broad daylight. His crime, believing in freedom of speech and teaching his pupils how to think critically. It's not clear how long the West will remain silent and tolerant in front of the intolerable. After the traumas of the Bataclan, Charlie-Hebdo, and now this abominable act, I cannot stop asking myself these questions: when will the tipping point be reached? What will need to happen for the general mood to shift and the relationship between the different communities living side by side to break irreparably? When that day comes, I won't want to set foot over there anymore. This is why I think, defending free speech and all other Western values should urgently be on top of the agenda of all immigrants currently living in the West.


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Multiculturalism, like most - if not all - government programs, is based on coercion and is a failed idea. This is why we're constantly being reminded that it is our strength, for a lie repeated often enough evades intellectual scrutiny and becomes default truth. If nothing happens today, our grandchildren will eventually wake up from this lie, the moment they witness the fracturing, breakdown and coming apart of current States (countries), in Africa and eventually in the West and the rest of the world as well. It will then be too late though. Let us only hope this will happen peacefully. 

I will not hold my breath.

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