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Do you want to crack the civil services exam? There are many people who try to clear the examination, but only few people who succeed. When it comes to the civil services exam, there are many types of questions which appear in the paper. Here are the top seven common questions asked in the civil services exam as suggested by an UPSC institute in Bhopal:

1. What is the difference between Constitution and Articles?

Article means the section of the constitution. Article is the provision of the constitution which will be read out in court. The main objective of the article is to safeguard the rights of individuals.

Constitution refers to the entire collection of articles, rules, regulations and laws of the country. This is the highest authority of the government.

2. Who are the members of Parliament?

Members of parliament are the elected representatives of the citizens. They represent the people in the parliament.

3. What is the role of the Executive?

The executive is the power of the government, which is headed by the president.

4. What is the function of the judiciary?

The judiciary is the third arm of the government. It has the power to check the power of the executive.

5. Who is the Chief Justice of India?

Chief justice of India is the head of the Supreme Court.

6. What is the difference between State and Union Territories?

State is a political division of the country.

Union territories are the parts of the country which are not a part of the state.

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7. What is the difference between Indian and Foreign National?

Foreign national is a person who belongs to another country.


These are the top seven common questions asked in the civil services exam. I hope you got all the answers correctly. If not, then you can enroll for the top UPSC coaching in Bhopal at Unique IAS and pass the exam with flying colours. This will help you to prepare for the exam well.

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