Temptations only come to those who seek them.

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Che Ne, Looking Confused; Unholy thoughts running through his mind...
Che Ne, Looking Confused; Unholy thoughts running through his mind...

I do remember the day she said to me: "Your love crowns my days with hope and joy, my all. And I'll never stop nurturing that love, and feeding it to keep it healthier, stronger and bigger like the mustard seed.

"I fasted and prayed for this wish to come to pass. Day and night, I would check my WhatsApp starred messages to read all the promises she had made to me. I would read them to myself, and keep reassuring myself that I had found the perfect one for me.

How blind I was. How shortsighted I had been. How foolish I was, to think that true love could be found so easily, like bad grass, growing in a farmland.

Now, my days are full of sorrow. My nights, inundated with tears, flowing like river Mungo.

Every night, I sit back in the garage after the buzzing and champagne popping with friends, and reflect upon my fate.

Why did I have to meet her in the first place? Why did she ever come my way?

Oh! My life is so messed up now.

I'll never let my heart be crushed like this ever again! Love has been so unfair. Life has been so cruel. My faithfulness only begot unfaithfulness and rejection. What else have I got to do? I'll live my life... Yes. I'll live. At least, my friends have always been there for me. I'm glad they accepted me back into the fold.

Ah! he recalled "There's this girl I ran into the other day, at the Shopping Mall. Let me see if I still got her card. There it is!"

He pulls out the card from his bag and dials the number. She picks the call, and in an amateur Style, he manages to ask her out on a date. A request she gladly accepts. The rendezvous is set for Hilton Hotel, 5pm, same day. Che Ne is first to arrive. He books for a dual sit table, close to the glass window, where he can view the streets and all the passing vehicles.

After a 15 minutes wait, his date finally shows up. She's a tall, slim and gorgeously looking lady. Fair enough to be compared to a yellow pawpaw. Che Ne spots her from a distance, and quickly rises to do the usual gentlemanly stuff. He grabs her right hand and kisses it while bowing down, in reverence of this exquisitely beautiful damsel he had as guest for the night.

Her name was Dora. They had bumped into each other at the garage, where he went to get some stuff, in the company of his friends.

He pulled her a seat, and when she had sat down comfortably, he went back to his seat.

"You're welcome Miss Dora, I'm glad you came." He said. "The pleasure is all mine Mr Mike." He had lied about his name. This was undoubtedly the new identity he had assumed. "What would you like to have?" He asked. "A glass of water would do". She replied. He called a waiter and placed the order. An hour and a half was gone, and they had discussed about all the "little nothings" that normally feature during first dates.

It was only when they were about to leave the Hilton Hotel Restaurant that Che Ne realized that his lady was drunk. She could barely stand on her feet. He paid for a room, and had no choice, but to spend the night at that hotel room. All alone, with a semi stranger, someone he barely knew.

Each time his eyes turned to the lady, laying in bed, his mind rebuked him severely. He was caught between two hard options. Either to take advantage of the situation, or to play the gentleman he had proven to be.

He tried hard to get his mind off the negative thoughts, till he found Berinice, roaming in his mind, like a lovely, gentle and gorgeous cat. He longed to be with her once again, but couldn't help but curse the day they ever met, whenever he thought of the heartbreak he suffered.

Back in the room, Dora was starting to look more inviting, and Che Ne seemed to be losing control. Will he stoop so low?

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