Psychiatrist vs. Psychotherapist: What is the Difference?

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People always search for a solution for their psychological problems, but they have no idea what exactly they are searching for. They just search for a good therapist or psychiatrist and blindly follow their advice without understanding the difference between the two.

Many people feel that a psychiatrist in Bhopal is a doctor and a psychologist is a counselor, but in reality these two terms have nothing to do with each other. These are two different terms for two different professionals who provide different services.

Let’s discuss what the difference between Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist is.

Psychiatrist vs. Psychotherapist: What is the Difference?


A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who provides you with medication to cure mental illnesses. He works along with other doctors and psychologists to diagnose your problems and also gives you the right medications. If your psychiatrist is a specialist in treating your specific kind of illness then he will prescribe you the right medication.


A psychotherapist is a professional who provides you with counseling and therapy. He will help you to deal with your stress and anxiety levels and also helps you to overcome the problems that you are facing in your life.

So, if you are searching for a psychiatrist, then you should not hesitate because he will provide you with a proper diagnosis and will recommend you the right treatment. But if you are searching for a psychotherapist then you should go for a professional who has experience in this field.


These are the basic differences between a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. So, if you are searching for a professional, then you can easily identify a psychiatrist as he will treat your mental illnesses and also give you the right medications. But if you are searching for a professional who will help you with your emotional problems, then you must choose a psychotherapist.

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