6 Simple Steps That Will Help You Crack Competitive Exams

By Unique IAS
2 Minutes

Competitive exams like MPPSC are one of the toughest examinations for any student, who wants to get a job in government sector. But what makes it tough is that every year the questions in these exams are changing. The students need to prepare well for these exams as the question paper changes every year.

But there is no reason to worry because you are not alone in this fight. There are several students who are struggling to crack these exams and there are several study guides available for you.

6 Steps to Crack Competitive Exams like MPPSC:

1. Preparation

The first thing that you need to do is MPPSC preparation, because without preparing you won’t be able to crack these exams.

2. Make a timetable

It is very important that you make a timetable for yourself and follow it. A timetable will help you to focus on the subjects that are related to that particular subject.

3. Analyze the syllabus

There are several things that you need to understand when you are analyzing the MPPSC syllabus.

·        Why are the questions changing?

·        What is the level of the question?

·        What is the difficulty of the question?

·        How much time you will get to answer each question?

·        What is the negative marking?

4. Practice the previous year’s papers

This is a very important step and you should definitely follow this. You should practice the previous year’s papers and try to understand how you could improve yourself.

5. Read the question

Most of the questions will be based on the previous year’s question paper. You need to read the question carefully and you should try to understand the pattern and logic.

Don’t just read the question and go to the next one. You need to understand the question fully and then you need to start working.

6. Use the study material

You can use the study material that is provided by the institute offering MPPSC coaching in Bhopal. Most of the questions will be based on the previous year’s question paper, so you need to understand the format and the pattern.


All the above steps will help you to crack these competitive exams. The steps are very simple and if you follow the given steps you will definitely get success.

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