Depression leads to suicidal thinking

The concept of suicide is a bit scary, but when it comes to teenagers, the fear of death is more. The teens are more vulnerable and fragile, but don’t worry, you are not the only one facing this. Every year thousands of teens commit suicide.

Depression is one of the biggest causes of suicide. It is said that a teenager who has experienced depression will have a suicide attempt at least once in their life.

But, how does depression lead to suicidal thoughts? Let’s find out.

How does Depression lead to suicidal thinking?

Depression is a mental illness, where a person feels sad and lonely. Depression is an emotional problem, which is not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

It is said that teenage girls are more prone to depression than boys. Depression can happen due to any reason, but most of the time it is the result of the combination of various factors.

Depression is one of the biggest causes of suicide

When a person gets depressed, the first reaction will be to kill himself. He will start feeling useless, he won’t want to live anymore and he will start to think about the future.

Depression makes a person think that he is no use to anyone and the future is not bright. He might feel that nobody loves him or cares about him.

As a result of all this, he will start thinking that life is not worth living. If you are also going through this phase, then don’t let yourself go. Talk to someone who will listen to you and guide you.

According to the best psychiatrists in Bhopal, nearly one in every four teen suicides was because of depression.

According to this report, the number of suicide attempts by teenage girls is more than boys. In the year 2016, about 19,000 teenage girls and 11,000 teenage boys attempted suicide.

It is said that teenage girls are more prone to depression than boys. Depression is the leading cause of suicide among the teenagers.

There are several signs of depression in teenagers.

If a teen feels that his/her life is going nowhere and they are not interested in anything, then you can say that they are going through depression. They will have trouble focusing on anything and they will keep on thinking that there is no point to living.

·        They will have negative thoughts and will keep on blaming others for their problems.

·        They will have problems in sleeping and eating.

·        Teens will have low energy level and will have a hard time concentrating.

·        If a teen is feeling suicidal, then you should be the first to talk to him or her.


This is just a very small portion of the reasons why teens commit suicide. There are so many more reasons, but I have tried to share only those reasons that are more common. If you are going through any of these phases, then don’t worry. You can get help from a psychiatrist in Bhopal.

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