When we make the wrong choices, the wrong things are bound to happen to us.

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Berinice, looking miserable, after running from home, terrified about what her father woll do to her. Photo Credit: PixaBay20
Berinice, looking miserable, after running from home, terrified about what her father woll do to her. Photo Credit: PixaBay20

Berinice, still perplexed, desperately needed a good story to convince her mom that she was right about ditching Che Ne. She knew her mom was easily convinced, but her dad was a hard nut to crack. She couldn't answer her mom in her dad's presence, because he'll definitely expose the inconsistency in the two versions of the story told.

She needed to isolate Mami Ngum, and again, present to her, undeniable facts, that support her reason for quitting her relationship with the most venerated Che Ne, whom the family believed was the perfect partner for her.

Maa! Berinice called. I have told you the reason I left him several times right! Why do you keep questioning me as if I am a hardened criminal who's under oath? She thought using such a tone would cause her mom to let go. Unfortunately for her, Mami Ngum was fed up with the turnout of events. She was determined to set her daughter straight. It was about time she restored her daughter's senses, if she wanted to avert shame and disgrace to the family.

"Why you leave that man? Yi no be like you fine fine Be? That's how she called me whenever she wanted to flatter me. "I be like that boy sotey. Yi be di hellep me any tam wey I be di go farm for work. That boy no look leke bad person. Be, tell me. The boy chop ya ting? Yi beat you? Yi tok some bad tok Be? Abeg tok mek I hear ma pikin! She insisted. I stood perplexed, not sure what to say. My dad's eyes were fixed on me, as though he was carrying out a second scan on my mind, to extract all elements of truth that I was hiding.

I maintained a dead silence. After a while, I screamed: "I don't love him anymore mom! His time is up. There's another guy who is giving me everything I need. Che Ne only gave me very little money, which wasn't enough to take care of half my needs". I don't know where I gathered the courage to speak up, in the presence of my father.

Immediately, my he dashed straight towards me, I could perceive how infuriated he had gotten, after hearing the trash I just vomited. He stopped halfway, and in giant steps, walked towards his room. I knew what awaited me. I couldn't stand there. I ran out of the mud-tatched house, not knowing where I was going. I just needed to flee his wrath.

Where do I go from here? For how long will I keep running from my own shadow? What awaits me out there, in the vast and wide world?

  • To be continued… Watch out for THE PRANGS OF UNRECIPROCATED LOVE 4.

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Nebaneche Nebaneche
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