How Green Ship Recycling Industry Can Save The Environment?

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Green ship recycling is a method of identifying, safely removing, safely storing and safely disposing the parts of old vessels that are toxic to the environment, marine ecosystem, and human lives. There are a number of toxic substances in a vessel that needs to be taken care of during the recycling process as it will help in preventing the substances from posing a threat to the environment and to the ecosystem as well. If ship breakers continue recycling the ships without taking any precautionary steps and allow poisonous substances to flow off into the water, then it could affect aquatic life and human lives. Thus, the green ship recycling process is considered the most responsible way of recycling old vessels which eliminates all the life threatening practices and saves the environment from all the negative consequences.

Many countries and ship recycling yards have now started to improve their method of recycling the old vessels by adopting green ship recycling practices as it can prevent potential harm to the humans, marine ecosystem as well as to the environment. It is vital for them to follow the green methods responsibly so that the life of humans and aquatic animals can be saved.

There are many toxic substances found in a vessel which include polychlorinated biphenyls, lead, mercury, PCBs and more. These toxic and poisonous substances can pose a threat to the health of the workers at the ship recycling yards as well.

In this blog, we will talk about the ways how the green strip recycling industry is helping save the environment and humans from the potential threat and harm.

So, let's get discuss with the points!

·    The green ship recycling method is responsible for reducing the degradation of natural resources and it promotes the usage of recycled materials and thus saves the natural resources for future generations. This is an eco-friendly method of recycling old ships which also helps in reducing land and water pollution to great extent. This cost-effective and environmentally sound way of dismantling the old vessels reduces water as well as air pollution.

·    This Eco-friendly method of recycling old ships helps in reducing the release of harmful substances from the vessels and discards them in the most viable manner. It even helps produces less Greenhouse gas which is due to less energy consumption in the ship recycling process than that of producing iron ores.

·    The steel obtained from the old vessels during the process of recycling is used in the steel industry where it is further used to produce items like bars, pipes, poles, and more. The local economy is developing due to the ship recycling industry and this is due to the growing trade of refurbished goods in the economy.

·      The ship recycling industries are connected with other stakeholders as well that use the valuable parts obtained from the old vessels and recycle them to produce furniture, household appliances, useful materials, and more. It further helps in boosting the local economy and increases the trade of refurbished goods in the industry.

·     The ship recycling process could be a life-threatening process if not practiced with adequate safety procedures. But the green recycling process is responsible for removing all the harmful and toxic substances from the old vessels and dispose it safely in order to prevent them from flowing into the seas and causing a threat to marine life. Most of the ship recycling companies are now well equipped with equipment so that the disposal of hazardous materials is carried out in a safe manner. In addition to this, the responsible green process offers more jobs in the local industry.

Thus, the above points clear the fact that we should be recycling old vessels is a safe and viable way which is safe for both humans and for the environment. This is one of the most important contributions by ship recycling yards as it can work towards developing sustainability in the world as one needs to protect resources for future generations too. And this method of dismantling and recycling the old ship eliminates all the unsafe practices that can cause a threat to the environment as well as to the ecosystem out there.

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