5 Ways to Make Your Office Look More Cozy

By De Panache Interiors
3 Minutes

Your office can be a haven, especially if you have our interior designers in Bangalore at the helm. Read on to see five ways that interior designers are making their clients' workspaces look more cozy and inviting.

1. Paint Your Cubicles

The interior designers at De Panache recommend painting your cubicles to match the interior design you want. If you're looking for a cozier space or one that's more inviting, go with soft, relaxing colors like green or blue; if you want something more formal and less cozy, try black or white.

2. Add Artwork to Your Walls

Adding artwork to your walls is another interior design trick used by an interior design company in Bangalore. Wall art can be anything from framed snapshots of family members to colorful posters of quotes. "You don't have to break the bank when decorating," says interior designer Rebecca Cole Reid of Liquid Designs in Baltimore. "Even used posters are inexpensive and easy to find at local thrift stores."

3. Implement Color with Plants

Adding plants isn't only a great interior design tip for making your office look cozier, but it's also something that interior designers do for their clients. "Plants are not just decoration but have become an interior design element because of color, shape, texture and even smell. You can try adding potted plants or annuals in vases throughout your office space for a touch of natural green inside the room. Orchid plants will always be popular choices since they're elegant-looking and remain low maintenance. Try green ferns, which typically grow up to 6 feet tall, for a room that's cozier.

4. Light It Up

Lighting is another interior design tip used by interior designers in Bangalore to make your office look cozier. If you're working in an older commercial space or one that wasn't designed with interior design in mind, interior designer recommends using track lighting to brighten up the room. Track lights can be moved around and adjusted depending on your preferences and the season, which will not only brighten up the room but also add warmth for a cozier feel during colder months.

5. Incorporate Plants Into Your Cubicles

As mentioned, interior designers are known for bringing greenery into their interior design projects. While interior designers typically use plants to decorate lobbies and reception areas for their interior design clients, they also have no problem beaming a little greenery into cubicles.

6. Add Rugs

Rugs are another interior design tip used by interior designers in Bangalore that add warmth and comfort throughout home spaces. Try adding area rugs or smaller area runners in your workspace for an even cozier feel while working away at the office. Many times you'll find rugs that incorporate two colors inside one rug; try using contrasting colors to make your interior design project unique and interesting to look at.


If you're looking to make your interior design project cozier and inviting, interior designers recommend using these interior design tricks for interior design clients.

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