How do you protect your Orange money or MTN MoMo account?

By Ecclésiaste DEUDJUI
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Même devant les kiosques de retrait d
Même devant les kiosques de retrait d'argent, il faut être très vigilant. Source: /Image reprise sous autorisation


I have been victim of a cyber attack last week. There are pirates who have tried to empty my MTN mobile money account insistently, and they repeated their sinister operations for a whole day! First, they launched a money withdrawal operation that I had not initiated, to find out what was my balance. 10,000 CFA, 50,000 CFA, 100,000 FCFA, etc. And every time I got alerts on my phone and I was asked to enter my password in order to validate the operation. They have repeated this manipulation about thirty times, until you get noticeably my exact balance...

Luckily, I didn't enter my password. And every time I had a withdrawal notification on my MoMo account, I clicked on “Cancel”. I then grabbed some friends who work at MTN to tell them about the situation, then I contacted MTN's support on Twitter and on WhatsApp. I gave them the screenshots that I was able to take when these bandits were trying to extort me, and they used them to block the numbers of these big scammers paths.

In evening, as these bad guys already knew my balance, they sent me a SMS that simulated that I had received a sum of money on my MTN mobile money account. Then the number that sent me the text message telephoned me to tell me that it had deceived recipient, that he could leave me with 50,000 CFA but that I had to pay him back the difference, and blah blah blah and blah blah blah. Outcome: I once again took a screenshot of his message and I immediately forwarded its number to the fraud suppression department of the same company telephone...

Everything this is to say that you have to be vigilant. Personally, I know a lot of people who have already been scammed in this way, whether on MTN MoMo or on Orange money. The principle is well oiled up: we initiate a withdrawal of money that you did not ask for, and as soon as you enter your password out of inattention you are immediately debited for the amount they have requested from you. Or do we sends you a fake text message saying you've received money, and then you're sent calls to beg you to return half and, as you are a generous soul, you voluntarily send a large sum of money when you had never received anything before...

The bad news is that when you are scammed in this way, your money is unrecoverable! Whether with MTN or Orange, both companies do not offer there is no possibility — to date — of return of these funds. Because you have to well find that money somewhere to pay it back to you, but also because that if you have been scammed, it is also because you gave a little your agreement [...]


Les victimes de ces escroqueries sont souvent désemparées. Source: /Image reprise sous autorisation
Les victimes de ces escroqueries sont souvent désemparées. Source: /Image reprise sous autorisation


Rule #1 — Your password is private

Your word must be a secret garden. Not even your spouse should have it, even if some of you see it as proof of love. But in reality your account password should never leak. You don't have to communicate it to anyone, not even to an employee of these companies telephones. You have to choose a password that is not easy to guess, so avoid codes like 0000, 1111, 1234, 2021, etc. Also avoid using your year of birth or a number that has a big meaning for you (and so that anyone can easily imagine). And every time you will suspect that your secret code is no longer reliable, change it!

Rule #2 — Don't Validate What You Don't don't know

If a withdrawal of money is initiated from your phone and you are not the author of it, just ignore it. Or click “Cancel” if it's possible, or you can enter 0 and then validate in order to put immediately end this unknown operation.
Better, don't panic. Many people are being scammed because under the effect of panic, they go directly to check their balance. Gold by grabbing your password for consulting your balance, you have just validated one of withdrawal operations that had been maliciously initiated by your scammers...

Rule #3 — Identify your interlocutors

When you receive money on MTN or Orange, there are only senders OrangeMoney and MobileMoney that will be able to send you text messages. So it's out to think that a regular phone number can inform you that you have received money. Same for withdrawals. As long as you don't not received a message from these only reliable senders, so consider that you have scammers in front of you.

Rule #4 — Know Your Balance

If you only have 2,000 CFA francs in your account, how can you believe in a text message that tells you that you have received 10,000 CFA francs, and that your new balance is 350,000 FCFA? Let's be serious!
One important rules to avoid being stupidly scammed is to control your balance to the decimal point. Every time you buy credit, every time you receive money, every time you send money yourself to other people, or whenever you perform a deposit or withdrawal in a mobile kiosk, you should always know precisely what's in your account.

Rule #5 — Don't Be Too Samaritan

A lot of people were scammed because they had a generous soul, already said. That is not bad in itself. But don't be more royalist than the king. Even if someone actually got it wrong and you sent money by mistake, do not panic. Don't leave immediately in your account to check if it has actually been funded, because as i said, by entering your password right now, you don't know not if there are any removal manipulations that are in progress... Calm down! Wait for the plaintiff to call you, and kindly tell him that you are going observe the situation with a resting head. Give yourself a 24-hour delay, and then you can query your balance and see if there was that mistake that has been beneficial to you. That's when you can call back the person and give them their money quietly if you are an individual good morals.

In short, this advice is not exhaustive. They just summarize the ability to vigilance you need to be, but also a lot of caution and above all a lot attention. The money you have on your e-wallet is very volatile, and just mishandling or scam so that you lose it in its entirety.
So secure your password, don't trust messages that come from unknown numbers, and don't go check your balance every second. Don't hesitate not to communicate the numbers of these scammers to MTN Cameroon or Orange Cameroon, so that their numbers are immediately blocked and themselves incarcerated.
And above all remember: as long as you haven't entered your password on a fraudulent operation, nothing bad can happen to you!


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