I have tested the 1XBET application for you

By Ecclésiaste DEUDJUI
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1XBET est une application de paris qui couvre de nombreuses disciplines sportives. Source: journalducameroun.com /CC-BY
1XBET est une application de paris qui couvre de nombreuses disciplines sportives. Source: journalducameroun.com /CC-BY


I don't am not a big punter, but I fell in love with the app 1xBet that I discovered a few weeks ago. Result, I've tested it for you...

A wide range of bets

The app 1xBet is an almost unimaginable betting field...
For those who are great bettors, they will be able to venture on casino games, on video games, about lotto games, on dice games, on games society, on horse racing, etc.The range is huge! Without talk about the sports betting offer that is just as huge, with betting opportunities on football, on handball, on basketball, on ice hockey, badminton, etc.
1xBet is really a complete application! Because apart from these countless disciplines that are available, it provides you with many types of bets as diverse as they are varied. For example, on football, you can try to guess who will be the winner of the match, who will be the winner in number of corners, who will be the author of the last goal, who will be the first player to be get expelled, etc. The app covers a vast list of championships known or exotic, with the possibility to consult the encounters that are play live. Of course, you can bet on a game in progress, or bet on events of less than five minutes that will allow you to know your fate very quickly...

Payment facilities

With 1xBet, no need to go line up at the bookmaker around the corner! The app offers you a wide range of payment methods, and of course it integrates best-known systems such as Orange Money, MTN Money, Express Union mobile, Mastercard and Visa bank cards, or cryptocurrencies and cash-out payment systems...
I want you Say it sincerely, I was seduced by this ease of care. The amount minimum reload is only 450 FCFA, and the minimum amount for a bet is only 90 FCFA! The top-up of your account is done in instant, and so in a second you can feed and then bet immediately on a live match.
I have was also impressed with the pay. Because in the event of a winning bet, your account is immediately funded, and you have the choice of the mode of withdrawal: either send your winnings to your Orange money, MTN account money, etc, or you decide to reuse it to engage in others paris...


Les recharges et les paiements sur 1XBET sont disponibles par Orange money, MTN Momo, etc.
Les recharges et les paiements sur 1XBET sont disponibles par Orange money, MTN Momo, etc.


An ergonomic and smooth application

1xBet is a very ergonomic application, that is to say that navigation is smooth and above all very intuitive. It allows you to quickly access your coupon in order to accumulate your predictions and thus increase the winnings potential of your stake. It also allows you to have a quick overview and detailed on your past predictions, with the amounts you already have invested and of course those that you have already received.
In this regarding the presentation of matches, the odds are very clear. For every bet there is a quote and you can easily navigate through the long list of predictions. You can also secure access to your account, from way to be the only user. 1xBet is a very easy application to handle even for those who are on their first use.

A vast database

Even if you are not a great bettor, 1xBet will impress you with its unlimited database. In all the disciplines it covers, the application contains a database of information that is almost unparalleled. Thus, you will get the list of matches that are scheduled, the list of results, the list of recent confrontations, the evolution of the odds at long last week...
It is also possible to obtain, in real time, statistics on a meeting in course: corners, ball possession, shots on target, shots off target, yellow cards, replacements, etc. The app also offers the possibility of watch any match live, whether it's streaming or depending on a 3D viewing system that will allow you to follow all the actions of the meeting.
In the end, I liked this application for its “technical” side and for its big mine of information, and I find it very complete compared to the competition. It is available for Android and IOS systems, even if it remains invisible on the AppStore and PlayStore.
But I tell you again, I'm not a big punter yet!


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