Wutsi Partner Program

Join the Wutsi Partner Program to Monetize your Blog.

How it Works

1. Publish your Stories
Publish your Stories and Share them on Social Networks.
2. Earn Money
Members of the Partner Program earn money when their Stories are read.
3. Receive your Earnings
Each month, you'll receive your earnings via Mobile Money.

Your Stories have Value

What is the Wutsi Partner Program?

The Wutsi Partner Program is a Blog Monetization Program.
It allows authors to earn money for the Stories they publish, based on reader engagement

How much will I earn under the Program?

Wutsi Partner Program authors are paid monthly based on the time readers spend reading their Stories. The more readers read about an author, the more they increase their income.
The monthly amount will be paid to authors according to their proportion of reading time.
For example:
  • If Wutsi readers spent 10% of their time reading your Stories in May
  • You will be paid 10% of the amount allocated for the month of May

What is the monthly amount allocated to the Program?

The monthly amount of 50,000 FCFA is allocated to the Wutsi Partner Program.
This amount will be distributed to authors each month based on the performance of their Stories.

When do I receive my earnings?

Your earnings for a given month will be transferred to you during the first week of the following month.
For example, your earnings for the month of May will be transferred to you before June 7th.

What is the minimum earnings I would be paid for each month?

You must accumulate monthly earnings of at least 2,000 FCFA to receive your earnings.

What are the conditions for joining the Program?